Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trent-Severn Dockside 4

A Whopper of a Fish Story

On Friday, September 25 I drove to Lindsay to visit my son and grandson. While there I relaxed dockside, camera in hand. Mid-afternoon I overheard quite the story pass between two local fisherman who, by their tone of voice, knew each other. Because of other visits to the same cottage and dock, they seemed familiar to me too. I had paper and pen handy and jotted down most of their conversation.

A few words of greeting were followed by this brief exchange:

Canoe: When the leaves fall off the trees, then we'll catch more fish.

Blue Vest: Well, even now we'll catch ourselves a few.

Canoe: Yeh, you're right.

Blue Vest: Just recently I caught a big one. 49 and a half. It was the biggest fish I ever pulled out of here.

Canoe: (No response, as I recall. But I had a few questions, left unasked.)

If the fish was four feet long, maybe I should take up fishing!!

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Long Road Back 2

To Milos' W Pals

 "I have all I need to make my comeback"

On my way to MM50 I will include walks downtown with or without pals. I wish there was some way of counting great conversations as part of my comeback because last night's was a doozy.

"I'm a stickler for some details, eh"

MM1.8? Well, the walk only lasted a total of 50 minutes so I don't feel right about collecting a full checkmark. And I will try to add on an extra 10 or 15 minutes to a future walk, with an extra hill or two thrown in for good measure.

As well, my method of recording progress on my desk calendar seems perfect. Not too sophisticated - just like me.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Long Road Back 1

And So It Begins

That's right. I'm making a comeback. Some will say I never left. They're just being polite.

"I started yesterday and earned a checkmark : ) "

So, I plan to walk with purpose (60 minute's worth earns me a checkmark) and hit and repeat hills whenever possible, under the heading of 'Miles and Mountains' (MM). And my first goal is to get to MM50 sometime in the near future.

And how will I accomplish this first feat and still do all the other things I like to do? Hey, if I had all the answers I'd be a billionaire, living on a fancy schmancy yacht in The Bahamas and diving for pearls just for the exercise.

Stay tuned for progress reports.

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Favourite Trent-Severn Dockside 3

Favourite Photo So Far

But I'm sure I'll find more favs.

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B&W Trent-Severn Dockside 2

A Master-Fisherman

He was soon conversing with another fisherman about a recent catch. I wrote down what he said. To follow.

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Trent-Severn Dockside 1

Another Visit to Lindsay

"Old property across the river. I'll explore it in the future"

During mid-September I travelled to Lindsay and visited with my son and his family at a rented cottage nestled beside a bend in the river connecting Lindsay and Fenelon Falls [See 'Trent-Severn Riverside' photos in September's archive, right margin]. If I had the money I'd buy the place, but I'm sure I'll be satisfied to be a renter two weeks at a time over the next few years. (Great find. Score one for the good guys!)

Last weekend I returned for another visit. It won't be my last. A few stunning photos will follow over the next few days : )

 "Gord likes the dock and, on a sunny day, his straw hat"

 "This photo is an accident, but I like it anyway"

"This master-fisherman soon converses with another"

I wrote down most of their conversation. Stay tuned. 

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Monday, September 28, 2015

B&W - Port Burwell

South to Cleveland

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Birdhouse Hunting - Port Burwell ONT

Edge of the Beach

23 possible units. Six gourds and 17 condos inside the plywood palace.

Well done, I say.

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Motorcycle Miles - Port Burwell ONT

A 180-Degree Turn-About

 Looking north from Port Burwell pier

This week's weather is looking positive, perhaps positive enough for a return to Port Burwell. It's a wonderful place to sit, relax, and feel a breeze blow through what's left of my hair : )

Can you spot two motorcyclists?

Looking south toward Cleveland USA

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B&W - Port Burwell


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Friday, September 25, 2015

Motorcycle Miles - Port Burwell, ONT

Shining Like a New Dime

I got there via the long way, through Avon, Brownsville, and Straffordville ("Home of the Watermelon Festival"), but Burwell looked pretty fine by my standards when I arrived at 1:30 PM yesterday.

Why, except for the rush that was on at the local Red & White Store ("Red Hots and Buns for $2.99"), the place was pretty quiet. Good place to sit and think.

I think I'll go back next week, and see what's on sale at the Red & White.

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Motorcycle Miles - Brownsville, ONT

Small Towns Do It Right

"Empty streets"

"Empty sidewalk and park"

I had the main street of Brownsville almost to myself yesterday afternoon. One pedestrian walked by while I stopped to snap a photo or two, and a couple of trucks rumbled past. Peace and quiet was the order of the day. Fine by me.

I think small towns do it right when it comes to remembering the contribution of some of their community members to war efforts, whether it be WW1, WW2 and beyond, up to the current day. Nearly everyone in a small town feels the loss of a son, brother, cousin or neighbour ("the fella lived right over there"), because there are so few in its ranks, for starters.

Brownsville remembers the sacrifice of others in stone.

Well done, I say.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Motorcycle Miles - Mont Tremblant B&W

Foggy Fields

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Motorcycle Miles - Mont Tremblant

Foggy Fields

As some readers may know, I accompanied a bicycle team to Mont Tremblant in late August, much to the delight of my older son who was riding w the team. : )

Though I have already displayed several photos under a 'Team Steffie' heading, today I found my last four photos related to that trip. As I left Mont Tremblant on Sunday, August 23, I encountered fog, and though initially nervous about having to motorcycle 100 km. to Montebello in poor visibility, all turned out well after about ten minutes of travel.

 Cool morning temperatures were noticeable all the way to the Ottawa River, but once outside Montebello I stopped to put away my wind jacket and pants. The rest of the ride to Lindsay was perfect.

Good views on the Trent-Severn (near Lindsay), 
including on a foggy morning

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Motorcycle Miles - Port Bruce 3

Favourite Photos

I took several photos of the pier in Port Bruce - from afar - but the 'zoomed in' shots were blurry. Drats. Had they been clear they would have been eye-popping, I'm sure ; )

That being said, I sure like these two - same image, different settings.

 "Faded black and white"

"Faded sepia tones"

Will I motorcycle back to the same spot before year's end? Very likely. Motorcycle weather lasts into November and December sometimes, then fades away.

Cheers from Port Bruce, 'the land that time forgot'.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Motorcycle Miles - Port Bruce 2

Boats In, Boats Out

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Motorcycle Miles - Port Bruce

Photos From a Few Minutes Out

Five minutes outside of Port Bruce on Sunday (last) I caught a sparkling view of Lake Erie. I pulled over, parked the bike and walked to the edge of a tall, steep, sand bank. The lake was bathed in light, and though the Port Bruce pier was barely visible I could see signs of life. And I thought I smelled coffee.

 "Pt. Bruce pier is visible at the tip of the point"

"Yup. I smelled coffee alright"

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