Monday, February 17, 2020

Scott and Gord's Excellent Adventure - Bermuda 1969.

Study During Slack Week vs Fly to Bermuda. The Winner is...

Gord, age 19, really liked Main Street, Bermuda. April, 1969.
Scott and I rented 50cc Honda motor bikes to see the island

Scott had the idea. I had enough money (after cashing in a Canadian Savings Bond). We squeezed into the back of a friends VW, got dropped off in Syracuse and hitch-hiked the rest of the way to New York City. We crashed with Scotts father, 'Brick' Bradford near La Guardia next day bought plane tickets for Bermuda.

We ran into trouble once we landed. We learned we would not be allowed to stay if we did not have accommodation. And we didn't. Who knew!! Not us.

Fortunately, a Custom Official called a family who rented rooms on Spanish Point, we were accepted sight-unseen and were soon unpacking our bags in a clean room at the back of a very tidy house and happily paid the fare, $49/week (shared, with breakfast included). And we zipped around on 50cc Hondas like we owned the place.

Photos From Along the Way:

 Hamilton's Main Drag. Our scooters, with wicker baskets, might be in this scene

 I directed traffic for a couple of minutes while the traffic cop took a break

We have Bass Ale and a beach to ourselves.

 Scott tries out the water at Horseshoe Bay. "It's cold!"

 I don't recall climbing any hills for this shot. The road we travelled is top left.

I'm wearing my lucky t-shirt from Norwich District High School

 Bass Ale stayed cold about 12 inches down in the sand

 We visited an old, lonely fort at the St. George end of the island.
"There's still a shell in here from World War II" says Scott

 "Aim a little left of the sailboat," I say. "And fire when ready!"

 We walked an old pier and almost got blown away

 Checking out cheaper accommodations!

 We decided to stay on Spanish Point. We had indoor plumbing there.

 I salute the Red Ensign out back of the Hamilton Hotel

 Scott was shooting at ground hogs. Not everyone was impressed : )

 Scott's family lived in the U.S. so he gave two thumbs up to the flag.

Did a bit of shopping at a local store. Brown bagging it home.

  I've got the Drambuie and Scott has the Scotch whisky. 

 Mix 'em together and what have you got? Rusty Nails and a walk home.
Link to a good Rusty Nail recipe.

 I've owned both a '64 VW and a small scooter, and really liked them both.
So, this is me again with two of my favourite rides.

Now, wouldn't it be fun to do that all again 51 years later?

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Photos by Scott and Gord

From the collection of GH

Saturday, February 15, 2020

'Fashionable Hats for Blind Crones'

Who Knew?!

The Dress-up Version

Now I want to find the casual version.

Photo found in the Thursday edition of The Montreal Star... November 11, 1943.

Montreal, the place to be while wearing coal scuttles in 1943.

Photo by GH 

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Norwich Outpost Cartoons (4)

I Have a Mind of my Own. 

How does a body have a mind of its own?

Ever get hungry while watching TV and then find yourself looking inside the fridge during the next commercial break? Your stomach grumbles and your legs do the rest, right?

So, can't your mind have a body of its own? I'm prepared to say it can, and that's just how I roll.

More cartoons from Norwich, Ontario, my hometown, a place just crawling with inspiration.

Owner of the pool room used to tell me, "See you in the funnies."

 Another nose joke, and I'm not done yet.

 Why would there be cheese on every shelf? Ever been to Norwich,
once home to Canada's first commercial cheese company?

 I found myself in Norwich once. Stayed for 13 years.

 "On his first visit (to Tommy's house)..." I shoulda said that.
And now I did.

We've all been in a bus bathroom right?
One sudden stop and you're a goner!

More to follow from my favourite small town.

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