Monday, October 31, 2016

Crop Tour 3, Oct.26 2016.

Tuesday - Supposed to be Mild!

I could have motorcycled to Port Bruce on Saturday but a full schedule kept me from leaving town. However, I hear tomorrow is supposed to be unseasonably mild - and my Yamaha Virago and I will likely be seen cruising along the north shore of Lake Erie by 1 PM. The Corner View Cafe will be closed for the season but my carry-all is big enough for three cameras and one thermos.

How did I get up so high? Good ridin'.

Maybe see you there?

Please link to Crop Tour 2, Oct.26 2016.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Crop Tour 2, Oct.26 2016.

Easy Days Done?

Last Lakeside Scenes?

I've been visiting familiar country roads and lakeside scenes all summer and fall. We're getting near the end of comfortable motorcycle travel.... and photographs.

Looking west from Port Stanley's west end

Please link to Boys on a Crop Tour, Oct.26 2016.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Boys on a Crop Tour, Oct.26 2016.

"Where To, Gord?"

Second stop was in Port Bruce for lunch.

First, I steered the boys - Gary, Carlyle and Reg - along my familiar motorcycle routes (i.e., back roads, like Sweaburg and Union Rds.) to Burgessville, then Norwich for coffee. Oceans of corn still marked the way, though much had been harvested since my recent Sunday ride.

Second stop, surely no one will guess. : )

Port Stanley - for a tour of historic cottages on back lanes, then fresh pints - was one highlight of the crop tour.

"Where to next year?"

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Motorcycle Miles - Fav Photos, Oct. 2016.

Free Postcards.

Sweaburg Road, on the way to Port Bruce.

So far in October I have tried to take advantage of good weather by motorcycling here and there - to feel a breeze through what's left of my hair before winter arrives.

I've enjoyed fine scenery in corn and soy country and blustery days on the north shore of Lake Erie. Here and there I stopped to reach for my camera. And shots were fired.

Postcards From the Side of the Road:

Please link to Motorcycle Miles - Middletown Road, Oct. 23.

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The Transition Zone 18 - Growing A Steady Pace.

Good Daily Energy Level.

Cooler temperatures seem to help.

Fall temperatures are dropping so I've had to add 30 seconds to my 'getting ready to go' routine. It takes a bit longer now to select the right jacket to match my eyes. : )

But there are benefits to the cooler weather. I sleep like a rock some nights, colourful leaves adorn sidewalks and roadways,  and - once warmed up - I maintain an enjoyable body-comfort zone while walking or jogging. All these things combine to help my energy level and pace remain strong and steady.

I try to cover 4 miles per walk, on average, and over the last 4 weeks my numbers have been positive, i.e., 110 miles covered in 25 outings. I have been heading out after supper on a frequent basis and have noticed how dark it is getting by 7 PM. Still, a small radio keeps me company (the World Series is on) and the miles seem to go by faster at that time of day.

Photos from along the way:

Daily mileage is in the top right corner of each block. 
Cumulative mileage is lower right. Steady on! 

 My jogging pace is holding steady, even improving a bit!

 I relaxed Sunday (i.e., motorcycled) so am adding miles during cool evenings

The Comeback: After 13 months I rank my energy level as "very good"

Walkn 'healthy miles' in Greenway Park and Old South

Keep on keeping on, I say. Highlights continue to be within reach.

Please link to The Transition Zone 17 - Twelve in a Row.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Motorcycle Miles - Middletown Road, Oct. 23.

On My Way Home

Burgessville is behind me on Middletown Rd.,
as I approach Quaker St.

I stopped for photos on Middletown Road yesterday, two miles south of Burgessville, and realized I was about halfway between my two childhood hometowns. Burgessville was home for my first six years and Norwich was next. Both are in pretty parts of the world, i.e., Oxford County south of Woodstock, and I feel I don't return often enough to visit familiar country roads or village streets.

 Sweaburg Road, east of Highway 19, south of Ingersoll and 401

 Middletown Line

 One birdhouse of several - same style (Peterson's?) - on Sweaburg Road

The sun popped out again on Foldens Line, south of Folden Corners  

 Quaker Street is up ahead

Motorcycle miles on the 1994 Yamaha Virago

Good roads, good people.

Please link to Motorcycle Miles - Sweaburg Road, Oct. 19 (1).

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Six Cedar Birdhouses 2

Not Long in the Hopper

 New cedar fence slats plus rescued shakes and slats for roofs

Two of six houses sitting in my workshop require some sanding, and after that it won't take long to put them together and add finishing touches, i.e., a perch, front fence, chimney.

I suppose that's why I use red cedar fence slats on a regular basis. The wood is sturdy, pretty, easy to use (smells good too) and I can build a decent-sized birdhouse (e.g., with a 5 x 6- or 5 x 7-inch interior = lots of sq. inches for a small family) without much fuss or bother.

These two houses will soon be open for business

What do you think?

Please link to Six Cedar Birdhouses 1

Motorcycle Miles - Sweaburg Road, Oct. 19 (1).

Oceans of Corn.

 Looking east on Sweaburg Road, SE of Ingersoll.

I did not stop often yesterday on my way to Norwich. Had to be home by three. I passed through Dorchester, Ingersoll, Foldens Corners (old baseball field looked familiar), Sweaburg, Burgessville on the way, but only took short glances at passing scenery. I was hungry, so stopped for poutine at The Village Restaurant in my hometown.

Postcards from the side of the road:

I will go again - more back roads to explore - when I am not so rushed.

Please link to Motorcycle Miles - Port Bruce, Oct. 10 (4)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Motorcycle Miles - Port Bruce, Oct. 10 (4)

I Took a Good Look Around

I looked east toward Port Burwell

Colder weather will eventually shut down my motorcycle routine - i.e., warm it up, ride to Port Bruce for coffee and photos - but, until it does, I will head south east from London for good walk-abouts and look-arounds.

 I looked south to Cleveland Ohio

 I looked west to Port Stanley

I looked south toward the long walk off a short pier

And the BLT at The Corner View Cafe ain't bad either!!

Please link to Motorcycle Miles - Port Bruce, Oct. 10 (3) 

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Artsy Fartsy Workshop Project.

Shifting to Creative Touch.

What might this garbage become inside the workshop?

I regularly go for walks in Wortley Village - a fun and fitness routine linked to The GREAT Canadian Comeback - and one day I spotted bicycle parts sitting on the curb waiting for garbage day. Within seconds I was intrigued, and thinking about an artsy project/shadow box.... to show off the shiny bits of flotsam and jetsam that make up modern life.

First, I will give rescued bike parts a bath with paint thinner

So, this fall and winter I will arrange bicycle parts - painted? varnished? gussied up? - inside a rustic cedar shadow box.... and we shall see what we shall see.

Please link to Fini: Workshop Chair and Matching Stool 4

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