Sunday, September 29, 2019

Family Photos - Rare and Unusual : )

AKA Miscellaneous

Where did this one come from? Who knows! (From the long ago past!)

Confession. I have over 19,000 photos on my computer and I'm trying to trim that number downward.

So, this little entry on my blog does contain some "rare and unusual" photos (but for the most part they are but a few miscellaneous or odds and sods pictures that are gumming up the works deep inside my computer's tiny brain), and now that they're here I can delete them from my files.

Stand back. Some odds and sods are coming!

For example, here I am back in Norwich at a friend's 'celebration of life' with a few other folks from Norwich.

You know who you are!

We're at the age that - for the most part - we only reconnect with childhood friends and acquaintances at weddings and funerals.

More photos from along the way:

 My oldest sister Lannie is pumping iron out there on PEI

My youngest sister Jane (middle) with a gang of ruffians. circa 1959 

Sjaak and sons in Netherlands. We're not related but his
family photo makes me laugh every time I see it!

 Gord, the maker of many little libraries in Old South

 Brother-in-law Dan meets up with a friend at John Bellones

I found this bird on my back deck!

 Strange man selling books and birdhouses at Gathering on the Green

The same strange man later changes his shirt and attends his neighbour's
backyard BBQ. (He's talking about the size of his first TV) 

 Here the same strange man is trying to stab peas with his fork

Gord once played for the Maple Leafs (farm team)!

Gord sets up The Shed for live comedy night.

 Nick Scott doing his stand-up comedy routine in The Shed

After the last joke is told we declare Pat (first on left) the winner!

The Miscellaneous File is very deep. You've been warned!!

Photos GH

Monday, September 23, 2019

Remembering the Eclipse of 2017.

From the Beach at Port Bruce.

Two images of the 2017 eclipse caught by backwards binoculars : )

I needed a lengthy list of items in order to adequately collect images of the eclipse in real time:

white art canvas


two cameras

a motorcycle

a lake side destination (I picked Port Bruce, natch!)

sun glasses

and money for a BLT and ice cream cone.

 I got into position - on the north shore of Lake Erie - as the eclipse began

Oh, I should have carried a beach chair on the motorcycle!

Lots of shots from my deep photo files:

Part 1 - As the moon begins to pass in front of the sun  

Part 2 - As the moon leaves the surface of the sun

My hand is getting tired. Time for a walk about...

Part 3 - I walk about in the darker atmosphere

I aimed one camera at the sun. Note the tiny image of the eclipse
to the right of the sun burst : ) Happy accident?

Please link to The Taste of Elderberries

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