Friday, March 20, 2020

Photo Study: Gateways to Greenway Park

Two Entrances. Two Exits. Coming and Going.

This tunnel leads to Greenway Park's open door.

By the time I reach the tunnel I have travelled about two and a half kilometres from my front door. Or about a mile and a half. Or about three thousand steps. But who's counting?

Sometimes I carry a camera on my walks or jogs. And when I returned home yesterday with a couple of dozen shots on my GoPro I realized I had several photographs of Greenway's front and back doors, and very few in between. 

So, my photographs are like the pedestrian and cycling traffic on the pathway... sporadic.

Photos From Along The Way, Enlarged and Heavily Modified:

My half-marathon training has not been a priority this week. The event for which I was preparing has been cancelled and the YMCA is closed, due to COVID - 19. So, I'm going to walk rather than run this week. And sometimes I will carry a camera.

Stay tuned.  

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Photo Study: Get it Straight. It's Mine.

No, It's Mine. No, It's Mine.

The sun came out both times I reached the bridge.

Yesterday I walked solo, heading north from the front porch.

My plan was two-fold: Toast the day while crossing my favourite bridge (Harrisons have a wee titch of the Irish in 'em after all); Get some miles in, even though my half-marathon race in April was recently cancelled.

After the toast - under a lovely, sunny sky - I walked north to Gibbons Park, did a turn-around at a mileage marker, and headed back toward home. When I reached Blackfriars Bridge the sun came out again, so I took out my camera again.

I spotted two items that I'd missed earlier; solid iron, 'right proper' drain covers, shaped like fish; and a lousy, cheap, spray-painted tag.

Two of the drain covers can be seen in the above photo, and one is about even with the pedestrian, far left. The tag is on the cement guard next to the same pedestrian.

In fact, the guard is tagged twice, once on each side, as if the stoopid taggers are competing for ownership.

"Oh, this baby's mine. This is for me."

"No, it's mine. I'll tag it. It's mine. This is me."

"No. I was here first. Me."

Correction. You're both wrong. You don't possess the turf.

Photos from Along the Way:

More to follow.

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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Photo Study: "What's to Study?"

More Gords Than Really Needed.

I'm on my way to U.W.O. to study microfilm from 1943

Last Tuesday I headed north with camera in hand. I wondered if the library at UWO would even be open, due to concerns re COVID - 19. My concerns were not groundless - a lot of events, schools, businesses were already cancelled or closed - but while walking towards the front door of Weldon Library I could see and hear the regular buzz of activity.

Earlier, while passing through Harris Park I stopped twice to take photos. One of my shadow and another of Blackfriars Bridge. 

With the sun at my back and over 3.5 km yet to walk,
I did not pause at the bridge for long.

I did not stop again for photos until the way home. However, my first shot - me and my shadow - became the subject for the following series of manipulations. In the long run, I will spend more time poring over images I culled from a 1943 newspaper (the university has 1,000s of reels!) than the few shots on my camera, but that's another story. And you are welcome to it : )

More Gords Than Really Needed:

The sun was bright, the shadow was distinct. 

I tip my hat to Margeaux C. for taking time to play with the first image, top of page, and try a kaleidoscopic approach.

I thought it was macrame until I enlarged it.

I think that's enough of Gord for one day!

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Foto Faux (3). Finale.

Out of The Dark Room, Into the Snow

The large leaf - like a kite - flew with the wind.

No sooner had I snapped a few photos the wind picked up, and picked up the broad leaf and carried it away... about three feet.

Trifecta. One of my favourite things. The leaf had landed on my front porch, flew over the house to the back deck, and then landed in the last of winter's snow and grit.

If I'd had a box camera I would have used a full roll of film in that moment. Then I would have been in a dark room, creating different baths, and pinning successful prints onto a drip line for a full week. 

Instead, I just experimented (aka goofed around) with a dozen or more digital shots for 30 minutes. Shortly I will delete the photo file (I called it "kite leaf") and start fresh. 

Foto Faux:

My last march to UWO for this month. C-19 might be alive in the library.

Another Foto Faux series soon to follow. ("Walkn w Canons") 

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Foto Faux (2)

Just One Look, That's All It Took

The large leaf flew off the chair on my front porch...

Doris Troy got it right in 1963 with just one song. Look it up.

When the wind picked up the other day, I looked up, and the large leaf that had been resting on my front porch flew - in an ever-widening circle for the first 30 - 40 seconds - over the roof of my house.

Then the steam-powered flight lost its strength and the leaf came to rest on my back deck. I thought, "Photo Study... part 2."

Foto Faux (2):

Digital processing allows for an endless stream of possible outcomes. And throw in some snow...

More to follow.

While you're here... Just One Look by Doris Troy

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