Monday, May 20, 2019

First Ride 2019.

One Month Later than 2018.

Port Bruce is still my favourite destination.

Spring weather in 2019, so far, has not been co-operating with motorcyclists. Raise your hand if you agree.

Yesterday, while eating my first BLT of the riding season at The Corner View - steps away from the north shore of Lake Erie - I reviewed notes in my riding journal. My first ride last year was a full month earlier than this year. Admittedly, the reason is one part bad weather, one part procrastination and one part "busy in the workshop."

But, give me a few months of nice temperatures and I'll likely make up for lost time.

 I head for the back of the line at Corner View Restaurant.

 Free parking near the north shore.

Not sure what kind of fish this is! Little feet are still visible!

The bike - 1994 Yamaha Virago 1100cc - rode like a charm. Almost knows the way to Port Bruce by itself. Gas prices are higher this year but I still get consistent gas mileage, 2.5 trips to The Bruce per tank. I was pretty happy when it started right up on Sunday morning... a good sign.

I had a good walk about and took 50 - 60 photos of my favourite channel, pier and shoreline. The BLT was top rate (priced the same as last year... bonus!) and the back roads were as clean as a whisker, except for one sauntering racoon on the highway south of Belmont. Rascal!

On the way home I stopped at a usual pitstop, i.e., a small bridge about 200 metres off the highway just south of Mapleton. I didn't spot my friend Mr. Snapping Turtle but I did see a weird fish - some type of bottom feeder - with four wee legs still attached to its body. 

I was home by 2:15, and out for a 7-mile walk/jog by 2:30.

More about that will soon be posted at "The GREAT Canadian Comeback", another blog of mine.


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