Monday, October 1, 2018

Motorcycle Friday Pt. 1.

Cool, Windy, and a Seasonal BLT.

[Photo: Expert gulls fighting a stiff breeze]

Company was expected to arrive at my front porch by 2PM, said a note on the dining room table.

I glanced at my watch, morning coffee in hand. 830AM. 

If I leave by 10 I can be home by 1:30, I thought.

I was gone by 9:45, parked beside the channel at 11, and noticed right off the bat that gulls were fighting the same stiff breeze I had while travelling on my motorcycle toward Port Bruce.

BLT and coffee at noon. Last shots taken while sitting beside the channel.

And I was back home in time to meet my son and grandson at the door.

Please link to Enhanced Port Bruce

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