Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Small Pleasures 7.

Bike Ride Plus Key Lime

[Photo: The view from my favourite chair in Port Bruce]

Corner View Cafe is 60 kilometres from my front porch. Lovely ride, repeated 30 times in 2017, surely as often this year too.

Once my bike is parked, I walk 15 steps and park myself in a comfy chair with a Key Lime ice cream cone. Soooo refreshing on a summer's day.

Monday was quiet in Pt. Bruce. Corner View open, however, this weekend!

Key Lime Cone Number 1 coming up!

Small pleasures in a big world.

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Motorcycle Miles: Bridgework. (2)

A Back Way to Port Stanley

[Photo: On the way to Pt. Stanley, turn west on Union Rd. Lovely country.]

A ribbon of twists and turns, best taken at low speed, lies west of Union. It leads to a old bridge that leads to a T-intersection and then (left) to Port Stanley's back door. 

Worth adding five minutes to my drive to the pier and large-size Mackie's French fries? I say, yes.


Go to Sparta in reverse: In the photo my bike is pointing toward Port Stanley. If I was to turn around, cross the bridge above, turn left and follow Union Rd. back to Union, then continue east on Union Rd., I would reach Sparta within 10 minutes. Lovely country and quiet roads all the way.

A Sunday ride is like a patch of paint on tarmac. Colourful!!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Motorcycle Miles: Welcome to the Pier. (1)

Destination - Port Bruce, Malahide Township.

 [Photo: My parking spot was empty but the cafe was closed]

All turned out well yesterday on my first ride of 2018 to Port Bruce, my Number 1 pit stop. Not much traffic on the roads and I had a full thermos of coffee.

Found my favourite log on the beach easily. Breeze was warm, Burwell's turbines were turning. Only a few beachcombers with their baskets and bags, and the world seemed still.

Photos from along the way:

WARNING: "Keep Off Ice and Pier!"

However, conditions were not unsafe, so... welcome to the pier.

The view from the end of the pier - just about perfect.

"and the world seemed still"

The chairs are out. I bet the Corner View will be open next weekend.
So, I call this photograph "Be There, Be Square." : )

 Looking south toward Erie's north shore.

Turn left at the bottom of the hill, go east to Sparta

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Run Prep 2.

There Will Always Be a Headwind.

Put your head into it. Nice and steady wins the day.

Until I got used to the headwind yesterday, my outing was the kind many walkers/runners enjoy least - one step forward, two steps back.

"Quittin'?" I asked myself early on.

"No. You're dressed for the cold. Maybe go for 4 miles instead of 5," I said.

I put my head down a bit and pushed through Harris Park. And by the time I got to Gibbons I was fully warmed up. The wind seemed more manageable and I knew I'd have it at my back on the way home. 

So, I kept heading north until I hit my 2.5-mile-marker, a bench in the middle of Baldwin Flats. I turned and flew home.

 Good start in April w two 'walk/runs' in four days.

 "I put my head down a bit and pushed through Harris Park." 

Wind at the back is where it's at!

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