Thursday, December 31, 2015

Keep Going 33

Blackfriars Turn-About

"The Thames is rising. Grab the kids! Run!"

Don and I walked briskly north on Wharncliffe, past Under the Volcano restaurant at Riverside, turned right a block later and took a side street to Blackfriars Bridge where we did a turn-about for home. I made a pitstop at York LCBO to catch a few goodies for tonight's wild festivities.

"Happy New Year's Eve, Kiddies!" 

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Avocado 17, "Open, Sesameeee!"

Healthy Shoot

I feel the plant will do very well when more sunlight begins to stream through the window in March. Until then I still like the pit's progress.

Well done, Pit.

Q: Who was the Chicago Black Hawk hockey player with first name Pit?

A: Pit Martin

Q: Why would somebody call their son Pit?

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Keep Going 32

Running an Errand, by Walking

"Yesterday's snow - our first for December - is quickly disappearing"

I find this an easy way to get out the door for a walk: Select an important errand - related to a destination 1 - 2 miles from home - and walk there.

Yesterday's walk, KG32, took me - in part - to London's Downtown Library where I ordered microfilm for several 1943 copies of the Montreal Star. Ordering WW2 articles is motivating work!

Charts and graphs related to my walking goals reveal the following:

     I had 23 walks in 31 days in October
     I walked 29 times in 30 days in November
     (I missed three days but doubled up twice)

     I may walk 29 times in 31 days in December if I get
     out today and tomorrow. (Hey, I have more errands!)

I'm at the point in The GREAT Canadian Comeback where I don't want to miss getting out the door each and every day. That's a good point.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Avocado Pit 16, "Lights, Camera, Action!"

The New Sprout

"The excitement is palpable. Could just be the coffee!"

A new sprout has appeared and the high drama is unfolding before my eyes.... very very very slowly.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Keep Going 31

Two Kinds of Workout

"Productive exercise - double duty!"

When Don and I walked this afternoon we faced a brisk wind and the coldest temperature in London for quite some time. Quite the workout, I must say.

Along the way we spotted two metal chairs - well rusted - tossed onto a curb. When we stopped to give them the once-over I had a few thoughts, something like this:

Three hours of sanding metal required. Two to three hours to repaint. New hardware needed. Hmmm... brass nuts and bolts would look good. The wood is teak, I'm pretty sure. Solid. Only one slat looks iffy. Easy to sand on my belt sander. What, ten hours of work total? A good Spring workout!

About ten minutes later, walking into the wind, I decided to return after the workout to scoop up the chairs. And together, Don and I did just that.

A refurb seems like the right thing to do in order to save chairs that could easily last another 34 years - i.e., until I'm 100!!

"A worthwhile 'rescue' in my opinion"

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Keep Going 30

"I'm Makin' a Splash!"

"Timely message from the Boogie Board"

I didn't say anything to my walking partner about this important fact yesterday - "Hey man, I'm halfway!

I reached the halfway point of Goal 2 (Keep Going for 60 long walks, or, KG60) at about 2:30 yesterday, just in time to celebrate in front of NFL playoff-like games on TV... with one cold beer. (Really, just one. I have to watch my stylish* figure).

"After 30 more brisk walks... then what?"

At this rate I should be thinking about what Goal 3 will be by late January or early Feb.

*stylish - that's if we're talkin' pretty short and fairly sturdy in smokin' blue jeans : )

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Keep Going 29 - Photos

The Greenway Park Loop

"I enter Greenway Park via a path off Springbank Drive"

I get out the door on a regular basis and have found a walking route that includes Greenway Park to be my 'go-to' route.

"I turn for home at the 40 min. mark, near the Guy Lombardo Bridge"

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Keep Going 29

The Comeback - By The Numbers

"The Green Hornet walking gear makes a colourful splash!"

Quite a few chores faced my wife and I on Christmas Day and I could not get out the door for a walk. But I did have a nice walk yesterday on very quiet trails. I think a lot of people were either shopping - madness, I say! - or snoozing on the couch. Yup, I thought about that too, but now that my walking habit is almost three months old, my inner mind tells me to set aside time for 'fun and fitness' every day (usually shortly after lunch) - and I obey the call almost 90% of the time.

 "The Greenway Parkway is part of my 'go-to' loop"

 "I had a Merry Christmas and hope you did as well"

"Boogie Board shows 'walks per week' since Sept. 28"

By The Numbers

     - 84 days have passed on the calendar since I started
       The Great Canadian Comeback on September 28.

     - I have completed 74 walks

     - I average 6.2 walks per week

     - I score 88.1% for "getting out the door"

     - I will aim for 90% in January, i.e., 28/31 days

     - Yipes!

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Avocado Pit 15

Daily Check Up

"Purty sturdy"

The avocado pit is safely perched over the mouth of a glass tumbler in my spare bedroom. Everyday I take a look to see if all is progressing well. And I must say the new sprout is looking healthy.

I hope another sprout soon emerges to provide balance and symmetry, and give me more to look at!

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Keep Going - More Photos

Weekend in Lindsay

"A Bridge Far Away (320Km. from my front door)"

Lindsay is a good 'walk-about' town, with paths beside the river and a few spots that serve as vantage points for photos. If you go there, take walking/running gear.

 "A former railway bridge links a river path with city street"

 "A view south of the railway bridge"

"A pleasant view looking south (almost symmetrical to above)"

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Keep Going 28 - More Photos

Long Walks Via Greenway Parkway

 "I access a riverside trail via a narrow path under a train trestle"

 "The riverside area west of Wharncliffe was once home to boating"

"While walking I recall 13 marathons I completed. Walking is easy, I say"

Merry Christmas. Maybe I'll see you out walking today (before I sit down to a traditional turkey dinner).

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Keep Going 28

Very Warm Walking

"My Green Hornet outfit includes a toque, but who needs it?"

I have almost reached the halfway point of my second set of walks - entitled Keep Going 60 (KG60) - and, strangely, though the dates are deeper into December the temperatures are getting warmer! Oh yeah, it's time to reduce our carbon footprint, for certain.

I have two favourite loops that take 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel and they both take me through lovely parks. One loop takes me to Saturn Park and back via the Greenway Parkway, and the other finds me turning around on the Oxford St. bridge between Wharncliffe and Talbot (via Harris Park).

All that is missing is a nice covering of snow!

 "I think the runners should watch out for metal signage!"

"I get a good workout on stairs near Blackfriars Bridge"

Instead of saying, 'let's keep on trucking', I'll switch to 'keep on walking'.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Keep Going 25 - More Photos

Lovely Lindsay

"Lock system for Trent-Severn, visible from Lindsay St."

I enjoyed four good walks while in Lindsay last weekend. Because a river - part of the Trent-Severn Waterway - passes through the centre of town, and good pathways have been built, scenic views and healthy walks go hand in hand.

 "I spotted a bridge over the river in an east-end neighbourhood"

 "I look south from the centre of the bridge; trail on left"

"I look north from the centre of the bridge; trail on right"

Easy miles in good weather. Good exercise, for sure.

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Avocado Pit 14

Great Root System

 "The new sprout is out of focus - but healthy!"

I am happy to see new growth on the shortened or trimmed off stem of my avocado pit. I think the new sprout looks healthy, likely as a result of a healthy root system. So far so good, eh.

"Round and round she goes"

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Morning Smile - Watch Out!

Watch Out For This Pair

"Merry Christmas, Gord." "Merry Christmas, Tony."

Oh, my 'running days' come to mind more often now, as I make progress toward The Great Canadian Comeback.

Will I run marathons again? Only time - and a successful comeback - will tell.

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Photos GH

Photo Files - Norwich Water Towers

The Tidey St. Water Towers

Late Uncle Fred Catton had the above photo on the wall of his apartment in Tillsonburg when I visited a couple of years ago (flash bulb glare included). Uncle Verne Catton of Norwich has a large scale original, minus the glare, on the wall in his house to this day. Together with their mother Ida Belle, younger brother Arthur and sister Edith (my mother), they lived in the Tidey St. house below the tower. I imagine their water pressure was excellent! Note: At least three workers are visible on top tier of stabilizing struts.

This photo, taken by my father Doug Harrison, and showing both of Norwich's water towers, is undated.
Link to Photo Files - Gord Bucholtz, 1950ish

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Photo Files - Gord Bucholtz, 1950ish

Hike to Quaker Street

Gord Bucholtz and Doug Harrison played ball and chummed around together "after the war." They occasionally hiked beside Little Otter Creek as far as Quaker Street, with .22 rifles once in awhile, looking for rabbits. Photos are undated, but I suspect late 1940s, early '50s.
Link to Photo Files - Snowy Day

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