Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Long Road to PEI (2)

I Almost Bought Me an Old Fishing Hut ; )

Lannie and Pat explored this section of beach, looking for
beach glass and interesting shells

Our trip to PEI was the longest trip we had taken together since our flight to Boston in 2005, so that I could run the marathon in that great city.

I think we walked a marathon every day while in PEI. We loved the beaches, the countryside, the 50-mile long yard sale and much more, including of course, the chance to grow great memories with my oldest sister Lannie and her hubby Jim.

So, I took 1,000 photos and have distilled the digital mass into the few frames below : )

Photos from along the way, including the scenic way home to London:

 I didn't collect beach glass. I spent time filling out paperwork,
claiming this beach for the Harrisons. 

 Gord gets all artsy fartsy with his camera!

 Relax. You're on vacation.

 Gord is looking at waterfront properties! : )

 I want a waterfront property with room for parking my boats outside my door.

 Pat and Lannie are relaxing on the porch of a lovely restaurant.

 We're now on the way off the island

I took Pat to Carl's Diner for cheeseburgers. I have visited Carl's on each
motorcycle trip to the East Coast. I took the next two photos to help me
to find it again during future trips!! 

 Go east for the scenery. Stop at Carl's Diner for the cheeseburgers : )

 We stop at a Days Inn south of Edmunston. I take a walk-about
for my evening exercise.

 The Day's Inn is near the Trans-Can and this river (St. John, I think)

On the road again, to Cornwall, on a foggy day

 Pit stop at a brewery in Kamouraska country. It was closed!

 I save the map and list of breweries for future trips!

Home safely. Pat is polishing her souvenirs from beach combing

That was one fine trip. Next time I think we will stop for three nights along the way, maybe squeeze in a stop or two at some of Quebec's fine brasseries. Good beer goes with good Steamies!!

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