Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Bike is Gone. The Great Views Remain.

No More Motorcycle Miles, But I Could Hitchhike!

Walk through the gateway, see a great view of Lake Erie.

This half-completed swing stands as an entranceway to the north shore of the lake, about 60 kilometres from my front door.

Often I would ride a motorcycle there - with a camera or two on board - and after a walkabout I would relax at the Corner View Restaurant with a BLT (perfecto!) and coffee. Sometimes I would have dessert, two scoops of Key Lime ice cream.

I sold my bike a couple of months ago. You may have heard me crying from where you are, but I'm over it now and enjoying the view via my deep Photo Files.

If you see me in Port Bruce next year it's because I couldn't stay away (I told you about the great BLTs, right?) and my wife wasn't using the car!

Nature's Solace, in picture-form:

Please link to Busy Day on Lake Erie by G. Harrison.

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Magic Mushrooms?! Whoooops!

Yes, I Was Found on My Backside!

Look up. I did, and I wanted a close up!

I was pretty sure - right from the start - that this was no ordinary mushroom growing out of a scar on my neighbour's tree. 

I didn't think it was magic, but I did think is was pretty rare, up there in the air.

So, I tried to get closer to the action.

Nice angle. Can I get closer?

To answer the question, I attempted to shinny up the trunk. And I was initially successful.

 "Hey, that's pretty cool. Can I get a bit higher?"

"The big mushroom has a couple of buddies coming along" 

"Why, there might be more just to the right. I'll just reach over...." 

"I'm losing my grip here!" 

"Whoooops.... my life is heading south"

I landed fairly gently to one side of the tree, on the backside of my Levis. Camera held firmly in one hand, I checked my photos. That last one had to be blurry.

Nope, the last one above is the last one on file, and it looks pretty good,.. with an interesting angle.

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Norwich Outpost Cartoons (1).

This Takes Me Way Back : )

Yup. I've got a million of 'em.

We all do it!

I mean, we have to as we reach the middle of our long and productive and cluttered middle-ages. If you don't do it I'd be very surprised, i.e., clean out your closets, basements and crawl-spaces, etc., in order to de-clutter.

I was nose deep in an upstairs closet recently and came across my thick cartoon collection. Norwich Outpost, named after my hometown.

So, over the next few years, as I de-clutter, I'll likely come across other weird stuff as well. And you'll be the first to know.

Please click here for more from an even deeper pile of stuff.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Busy Day on Lake Erie

Perch Were Running?

Spread the word. Perch are on a run, jumpin' into the boat!

I think I snapped these photos in Port Bruce 2 - 3 years ago with a pocket camera. And when I had parked my bike I immediately slipped it out of the back pocket of my riding jeans because there was a nice-looking lineup of Harleys next to the channel. Why were they all clustered together, like ducks in a row?

 I asked the question to the lead rider. They were police officers, out of Aylmer,
on a training run. "No problem," I said. "As you were."

Though my interest soon turned toward Lake Erie, I watched as a lone boater entered the Port Bruce channel. Maybe he was all-fished-out, or had reached his limits both fish- and temperature-wise.

A few seconds after he passed me by I noticed that fishing boats on Lake Erie were as thick as fleas. If I'd had a boat I woulda gone fishin' too! It was a warm day but I can still stand the warm for an hour or so if I have an umbrella and a cooler of bevs handy.

The short port pier was crowded as well - and me without a pole and a pocket o'worms - but I had the main drag to myself.

 Lone bike. Lone table and chair at The Corner View Cafe. Lone sparrow : )

Both the bike and the bird have flown the coop (Sold and Sailed). 

Bird: How will you get back to Port Bruce for - literally - thousands of more photos? For A1 BLTs, coffee and Key Lime ice cream at The Corner View?

Gord: I'll ride my bicycle. I'll borrow Pat's car.

(After a serious moment's thought).

Gord: Maybe I'll have me another set of wheels by next summer!

The Green River, north of Sparta

Hey, I only have 14,385 more photos to review, edit, display, thereby boring people to tears!

Hang in there : )

Please link to Port Bruce: Gulls and the Deep End Again.

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