Friday, September 30, 2016

Go East, Young Man 4.

Good Weather Tours.

No one can promise good weather everyday but the scenery on PEI always seems to be rated very good to spectacular.

Touring in SE PEI, toward Wood Island ferry terminal:

 Cormorants are taking over the ferry landing site

 So, the story goes.... And then one day the Little People went back to school

Two Little People search the beach for trinkets of stone and glass

Occasionally I try the artsy fartsy approach:

Be careful on some beaches. Debris can be worrisome

More to follow from PEI.

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Harrison Specials - Trending (6)

"I'm Feelin' Blue Because"

If you hear me singin', join in why don't ya

Sing along with me....

     .... Dynamic Blue paint is running thin.
     I will need to buy more in the spring.
     Can you spare me a fiver, maybe a ten?
     If you do I promise I won't ask you again.

So far, no takers.

However, "Oh, I Ain't Complainin'", a follow up song to "I'm Feelin' Blue Because" - wholly penned inside the workshop - sounds pretty good, I must say. Good acoustics out there.

Good grief. My beer mug is not only empty but has been used for brush clean-up.

Feelin' blue again.     : )

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Go East, Young Man 3.


A restful harbour minutes from the house

The drive to PEI was about 2000 KM long. The drive to the closest lovely bay from my sister Lannie's house was less than 10 more. Lovely scenes, including some at vineyards, were a feast for the eyes, in my opinion.

 This 4-foot square pine table caught my eye. Hmmmmm....

A few seals - whoops, they're gone - were spotted. Spotted seals?

Note to self: Buy and set aside pine barnboard for an East Coast-style kitchen table. You can do this!

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Motorcycle Miles - September 25, 2016 (2)

The Long View

The colours of the place are refreshing

I think I'll be returning to Port Bruce for photos, coffee and BLTs for many more years. And why not?

The lack of colour is AOK as well

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Go East, Young Man 2.

Hard Rock Reminders of PEI.

Stones related to the fish and lobster industry?

During a walk in the woods behind Lannie and Jim's lovely farm-style house (on Cambridge Line south of Montague) Jim and I homed in on remnants of a decaying house and outbuildings from a rustic past. Stone and metal gear were uncovered amidst long grass and rotting lumber.

Shadow boxes and macrame in my future?

I pocketed a few bits of stone (Island Swag!), holes already drilled through each, to satisfy my strongly curious and mildly creative urges. What might become of them now that I'm back home?

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Motorcycle Miles - September 27, 2016

The King and Queen of Crops

Looking west on Mapleton Road

It seems that in SW Ontario, particularly around London, one will find corn and soy bean fields around just about every corner. (Mostly for cattle?) Cabbages, turnips, tomatoes, potatoes - mostly for people - are harder to come by.

 Corn seems to be King on the Imperial Line (Highway 74)

 Soy is Queen north of Aylmer

I ride like the Prince of the Prairies on my '94 Virago

That being said, while motorcycling yesterday between London and Aylmer, I enjoyed stopping to take in what seemed like scenes from the Prairies.... wide and flat, easy on the eye.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Go East, Young Man 1.

Have Map, Will Travel.

Kamouraska, overlooking St. Lawrence and Old Highway 132.

I usually travel the old-fashioned way. I use maps, not GPS. I prefer the old Trans-Can over the new, to sleep in hostels, cook my own breakfast and travel light luggage-wise. My habits are linked to solo motorcycle rides - over the last 10-12 years - from London to the Bruce Peninsula, Thunder Bay, the Gatineaus and the East Coast (twice).

Recently my wife and I travelled to PEI by car and I changed my approach to meals and accommodation to make life easier on the road, miles spread about equally over 3 days. That being said, when opportunities arose, I ducked off the quick-and-easy routes to show Pat the roads and scenery that were more common-place a decade or more ago. She gave me a thumbs-up.

 Wow. Better than a chuckwagon, in Cornwall

 Near St. Germain de Kamouraska, between old and new Trans-Canada routes

 I found it, i.e., a microbrewery I spotted in 2014 while motorcycling.
Pat was so pleased! : )

Located next to Highway 132, southern shore of St. Lawrence, NE of
Kamouraska, home of world's best bakery. Both are bucket list items!

Go farther and faster per day? I can do that, but for now I prefer slow and easy, elbow out the window and good tunes on the radio.

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Motorcycle Miles - September 25, 2016

Port Bruce, and Why Not?

I can be accused of being a one-trick pony. I often warm up my bike on days when temperatures are ten degrees or better and usually head to Port Bruce, a small but bustling village on the north shore of Lake Erie.

Easy highway riding, scenery along the way that speaks of changing seasons and nature's handiwork, a welcoming atmosphere at Port Bruce's hub. Who wouldn't enjoy that routine.

Then there's good coffee and a great BLT - for $4.95 - at the Corner View restaurant. Just tell me you can make one that's better.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25 - Home Sweet Home

Every Time, Home is Best

 Kamouraska region, QUE. Mound at end of tarmac (left) has a familiar hump

Every time I travel I love coming back home to my wife, my bed, my dresser, my coffee pot, my workshop, my streets.... all my favourite people, places and things. Pat and I returned on Friday from  a 4,200 KM (total) drive to PEI, and now I feel very much back, at home and at peace with the world.

We slept poorly first night back, too tired perhaps, highway noise still in our ears perhaps, but we both agreed this morning that we slept very well last night. And the coffee tasted better!

Two photos follow from three cameras and a combined file of 415, i.e., the first and the last in the file. Coincidentally, the first was taken during the second day of our travels on the way to PEI (a small number of GoPro shots lined up first in the iPhoto album) and the last was taken 2nd to last day of our travels back home. Also coincidentally, both shots overlook Highway 132, south shore of the St. Lawrence. and within a few KMs of one another.

Microbrasserie (Ferme!) stands below distinctive mound, on Highway 132

Microbreweries and fine beer did not dominate the trip, but I could not resist getting off the fast-paced Trans-Canada Highway and onto narrower, slower-paced secondaries roads, like the old Trans-Can, where many fine craft brewers, bakers and old-style dairy bar owners are making a decent living.

413 more shots to follow. : )

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 8 - Kingston Walkabout

When in Kingston, Walk About

I am looking past the Kingston Brewing Company (w 4 flags)

Pat and I only spent three nights in Kingston but I took a few opportunities for solo walkabouts when she had phone calls to make or Coronation Street episodes to watch. I aimed to walk 2 - 3 miles for fun, fitness and photos.

Looking south from the waterfront pathway
(Is that a pub I see? Let's go look)  

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 6, 2016 - Harvests, Hockey and Travel

Mish Mash

Still, lots of hops left for another home brewer

A local home brewer recently harvested 20 per cent of my lovely hop crop. He seemed pretty happy and promised to share a few samples of the results. I was definitely happy about that.

Hop harvester is happy with her work at drying rack

My wife Pat and I visited Kingston a week ago. What a great city. I could live there for certain, within walking distance of the downtown and K-Rock Centre, home of the OHL Frontenacs. Go Nacs! The three following photos include the first and last ones taken during our wee vacation, along with one from the middle.

 I stepped out of the hotel and shot the Kingston City Hall

 I shot Old Fort Henry and someone shot back

Pat and I cross an inlet by ferry to get to Picton

So, I've decided not to play hockey this winter.... I've got a lot of other things on the go. Plus, over the last few weeks as a sub, I noticed my skating was coming back but not my hands. Yesterday I received a sweet pass in front of an empty net and I flubbed my shot. Reaction from the bench was immediate.

"You had a wide open net. How could you miss?"

Nobody shoots wide better than me.

Maybe I'll sub again next summer and try to get one back.

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Today in the Life of a Snail

Awake Early

My Wednesday night walkabout (@Johnson and Wellington)

I woke up at 3:45 AM and couldn't get back to sleep because my mind latched onto a couple of ideas that wouldn't let go. I got up and made some decaf. Now I'm reflecting on how the last few days passed in a blur. Drove to Kingston on Tuesday, checked into a pleasant downtown hotel (the rugs could use some work but the continental breakfast saved me a fortune), enjoyed several walkabouts, visited relatives, cruised flea markets and bookstores, took a lot of photos, drove to Lindsay on Friday (via Wilton - for cheese - and Picton) to visit son David and his girls, then arrived back home in London yesterday - none the worse for wear.

 Under cloudy skies (about to spill) I look NW toward Princess 

 The Loyalist Highway (#33) includes a free ferry ride toward Picton

To Jackson I say, "Happy Birthday, Dude!"

I am reflecting now on the thought that I have a good-looking grandson who just turned eighteen. On the trip home yesterday my wife reminded me we could be great-grandparents in a few years. What's it all mean? Days go by one at a time and mine are starting to add up to a big number.

Keep smiling.

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