Thursday, December 26, 2019

"Fun on Vern Smart's Hockey Rink" by Doug Harrison

Down Memory Lane from The Norwich Gazette

Doug Harrison in Maedel's Red and White Grocery Store

A comment was made at "I Grew Up in Norwich" recently that mentioned a skating rink south of the 'vinegar works'. I recalled someone had posted a photo of it at one time as well. Though I never saw it or played hockey on it, my father did. And a column he wrote about that rink is below:

Hole punch hides "ill-fitting tube skates" and "good friend"

I tried playing goal once, but it wasn't for me!
On Little Otter Creek, 1966-ish

Please link to "Memories of the Old Co-op Feed Route" by Doug Harrison

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

"Memories of the Old Co-op Feed Route" by Doug Harrison

From the Norwich Gazette, Feb. 15, 1989

Georgena* (last name?) with Doug Harrison, 1939

Doug had a very good memory to the end of his days. The following story about a 'feed route' - fifty years back in time - and others like it were his stock and trade for a good many Gazette columns. Though my favourites relate to his days in the Canadian Navy, I appreciate the fact he writes with the touch only a life-long resident of Norwich can have. And he sure could remember a lot of names, familiar to many readers.

*Any guesses re Georgena's last name?

Please let me know.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

Family Photos - Rare and Unusual : ) (2)

A Happy Birthday and a Yard Sale

Pat, Gord and the B-Day Girl (Jane)

My youngest sister Jane celebrated her umpteenth birthday in Wortley Village a few years ago. Shortly after that she brought a load of her stuff to our house in the Village, for a yard sale.

She made out like a bandit both days!

 "I'm back!"

 Gord, Pat, Jane, Danielle and Evan!

Nevin, Robyn, Gordon

Please link to Family Photos - Rare and Unusual : )

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Norwich Outpost Cartoons (2).

Happy, Sad, Silly, Mad

We've all been there!

I received a "Dear John" letter in the 1960s. After opening it I noticed the sender was asking if I was interested in buying a new green and yellow tractor.

I sent it back by regular post after taping up the envelope and scrawling a question on the front: "Wanna buy a birdhouse?"

I never did hear back!

Some London readers will recall the blackout about 10 - 15 years ago that left many of us with a "fridge and freezer crisis."

"What to do with stuff before it gets warm or melts?"

Have a porch party. Our friends and neighbours still talk about it.

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Friday, December 6, 2019

"Old Iron Horse Remembered" by Doug Harrison

From The Norwich Gazette, circa 1990

Edith and Doug, February 1946

Both of my parents liked to write things down. I would say Edith produced and published more stories - some in children's books and public school readers, 1970s and beyond - and Doug generally wrote with the village of Norwich in mind (and much about his days in the navy, WW2).

The following is likely from the 1990s but Brenda Stone might know more about that. Lots of Norwich family names pop up in this column:

 The newsprint is yellowing with time

Skimp Smith is mentioned in another story related to the time my father signed up for the RCNVR during World War II. It appears in a book re Doug's navy memoirs. Skimp, in a sense, lit a fuse under Doug and he enlisted shortly after a significant conversation near the Norwich Co-op.

The "large picture of a Cunard liner" that Doug acquired is now in my possession. He didn't say so, but I think he wanted that picture because it related to a frightening incident that occurred as he travelled by ship toward S. England to do more training aboard landing crafts before the Dieppe Raid.

The picture is called "Passing the Needles" and depicts
a Cunard liner cruising west passed the Isle of Wight

Skimp and the liner will receive full play at another time.

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