Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Dark Side of the Moon. (2)

[Photo: I placed a canvas in the sand, and played with shadows.]

I arrived in Port Bruce before the eclipse began, but because I'd stopped along the way (to take photos of my favourite barn, and elderberry bushes, and asparagus plants going to seed) I was hungry, hot and dusty - so I gobbled down a BLT, then jumped into the lake for a swim.

After the dip I set up a small canvas on the beach, took out binoculars and camera from a backpack, and focussed on the work at hand - i.e., snapping a few shots of an eclipse of the sun.

 Monday p.m. - Shadows visit the north shore of Lake Erie.

 I don't need no fancy telescope or expensive camera!

 Shadows look like a curious bird in a mask.

 Here's looking at you, Kid.

 My last frame. It was hot - so into the lake I went!

"Gord's Workshop. Barnboard Birdhouses and More."

Was it a great ride?

The Shadow knows!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Dark Side of the Moon. (1)

Beach Side, Port Bruce.

[Photo: Looking east: The scene darkens slightly as the afternoon passes]

Photos from along the way:

 Gulls, minus dark glasses, line up for the big show.

 A couple motors south to be closer to the "really big shoe."

 The 75% coverage darkened the sky over Lake Erie.

 Note small crescents caught in the sun's rays.

 Small crescent to the right is similar to images via binoculars, below.

And the crowd went wild!!

More to follow from earlier in the afternoon.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Motorcycle Monday - Port Bruce.

From Gravel Roads to Smooth Sailing.

[Photo: Fresh gravel on Crossley-Hunter Line. Yuck.]

I wanted to check on mud nests and swallows under Crossley-Hunter bridge (and currant bushes nearby), so I carefully travelled at 60 kph - on the county sideroad's fresh gravel and tar - and held a very straight line all the way to my usual creek-side parking spot.

Silence reigned under the bridge. Mud nests sat perfectly empty and not one swallow was on a wire or in the air. Where have they gone? Did the energetic birds raise a second family and head to a better feeding zone? As I'm regularly reminded, I guess I'd better Google it.

 90 mud condos sit empty. I shall return.

Currants ripening? Not much flavour at the moment!

Once on Highway 73 (Imperial Road to Aylmer) I enjoyed clear skies and little wind on my run to Pt. Bruce. I stopped once to check on elderberry bushes near Copenhagen. Result - they need more time to ripen but birds have already been at them.

Once in Port Bruce I wandered about, enjoyed a BLT at the Corner View Cafe, and later went for a dip. Lake Erie is lovely this time of year and on a Monday there is lots of room on the beach to relax.

Photos from good vantage points:

 Lotsa room to hang about on a Monday

Another motorcyclist sits near water's edge

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Friday, August 18, 2017

One Short Break.

Special Delivery.

I occasionally celebrate Happy Hour in the workshop at 5 PM.

Yesterday I was knee deep in little libraries, the last birdhouse of 2017 (maybe) and sanding raw lumber when I received a special delivery from my older son David via my younger son Paul. The news came via my wife Pat. (Yup, the whole family was involved in this lovely moment.)

"Paul dropped off something from David. It's in your study."

I blinked.

Then the penny dropped. I checked the clock. 5:25. It's still Happy Hour.

I knew the delivery was a special order I'd made so I hustled inside and soon returned with one bottle of elderberry beer.

Happy Happy Hours are my favourite times of the day.


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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Try Utterson.

[Photo: Easy to find. Just follow my tracks]

I visited the Muskoka region recently and stayed in a lovely Airbnb location in Utterson. I recommend the spot highly.

And where is Utterson? Easy to find really. One mile off Highway 11 (go west on Highway 141) between Bracebridge and Huntsville.

Three of us stayed in a two-bedroom apartment that was once part of a general store (way back when Utterson was a booming logging town). We connected easily with folks in Bracebridge we wanted to visit and we basically lived on the apartment's sunny front porch during afternoon 'happy hours'.

 We had the front, bright apt., w two large windows.

From the front porch my wife and I looked west on H. 141, toward a sports camp very familiar to our family. Both sons worked at the camp, on Lake Rousseau, for a few years when they were young adults.

 The long and winding road to Rousseau.

This might be Utterson's most famous telephone pole.

We shall return!

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Pt. Burwell, Pt. Bruce, BLT 4.

Tomorrow Looks Good.

[Photo: Very active birdhouse near Port Burwell's new pier]

The bike has been quiet lately, due to busy-ness inside the workshop and a scheduled short vacation in Muskoka. But the weather forecast for tomorrow looks good and I should be on the road by ten.

Camera. Check. Lunch money. Check. That's all the planning that is needed.

Leftovers from last week's ride:

 Gulls in a Neat Row

 Bob. Bob. Bobbin' along.

I missed the boat on this one.

Fresher fotos to follow.

Please link to Port Burwell, Port Bruce, BLT 3.

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