Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Toronto Walkn Tour 2018.

We Did More Than Walk!

David and Jack at Rorschach Brewery in The Big City.

David booked the rooms and the four of us paid our way to visit as many excellent, interesting breweries as we could during a busy weekend last fall. The Four Travellers are sons David and Paul, grandson Jack and a senior citizen... me.

Wow. We would do it again in a New York Minute. (A Toronto Minute is likely more up my alley).

We visited and sampled beers at Rorschach, Blood Brothers, Halo, Bellwoods, Burdock, Say What! (pub on Bloor), Godspeed, Left Field and a few more spots.

More details about our first stop of the weekend: https://www.rorschachbrewing.com/

Photos Samples from along the way:

 Jack and Paul sampling food and drink

 David checking on the price of Uber.

 One of our best stops. David is out front. Paul is at the cooler.

On Saturday morning we searched for a breakfast/lunch spot near our hotel... near the Air Canada Centre:

 Accidents do occur!

Heading for home, late on a Saturday night.

It was a great father-son-grandson weekend and beer-walkn tour. I'm a good walker so I could keep up to the young lads... with the same results in the Pint Dept.

A friend of mine from the Netherlands sent me the following photo, one of the best father-son shots ever in my opinion:

This next one of Paul and I, circa 1999-2000, is in the same category, i.e., a fav shot with the father-son theme.

I had completed a half-marathon in Quebec City and shortly after this picture was taken we could be found sitting in a lovely pub sipping Fin du Monde (Unibrew product) while watching a classic car parade go by. Awesome.

The scene behind us painted. The pints were awesome.

Please link here for more Family Photos.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Family Photos.

A Couple of Rare Ones.

My youngest sister Jane in the middle. Knobby knees! 1960-ish?

 Our old public schools in Norwich. circa 1960s

 My oldest sister Lannie, in an exercise class, PEI. 2018.

 Cousin Doug Harrison in right column, 2nd back. Date, location unknown.

I am at Norwich Legion, at Winifred Longworth's Celebration of Life. Summer 2019.

From assorted locations, e.g., Facebook.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

photos by prehistoric canadian (2).

Items From the Workshop.

A list of woodworking projects - with an artistic flavour - is getting longer as my list of workshop projects for others nears its end. I have had my fill of birdhouses and Swap Boxes and Little Free Libraries and custom orders and as my seventieth birthday approaches I am transitioning to a different gear.

My new approach will place an emphasis on a few hand-carved whales and projects that include the use of distinctive roof slates and bicycle gears. Oddities, I know, but they suit my nature.

 "Swim, Forrest. Swim!"

 I may add a blue, wooden frame to the above piece

 This is my first whale project using hand chisels. With frame. Sold.

 I'd like to try this again with different colours of paint

As well, WW2 research and writing - related to my Dad's 'Navy Days' - is high on my list of things to continue at least for another decade.

So, this prehistoric Canadian is in a mild curve in the road.

More to follow.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Motorcycle Miles 2019 (3).

Wanted - Sailor for 'Dream Catcher'  

Sailboat needs to raise the mains'l. Slight breeze up ahead.

My motorcycle hums while I do the singing,
Miles disappear, a horizon nears, words end on a high note.
Give me the breeze, the lakeside view on the north shore,
And a sturdy boat with a well-worn map of the coast.

Sail on, MacDuff!


Remember when I said...

Port Bruce was packed to the gunnels when I entered by way of the lakeside road. Sailboats, kayaks and more glided upon the waters of Erie's north shore.

The smell of French Fries, malt vinegar and cheese burgers greeted me as I parked opposite The Sand Castle diner.

Well, I'm hoping the memories of sights, sounds, smells, and the savoury brush of a cool, lakeside breeze on my face never leave me. 

As a destination I covet the north shore of Erie. My senses want to take it in, can almost take it all in with full satisfaction - without getting full to the brim. I know there will always be more.

"Shirley. Look. He missed the channel."

[Overheard beside the boat channel at Port Bruce:

"Shirley. Look. He missed the channel."
"And he's going way too fast for the channel!"
"Oh, lookit, Shirley. He's pulling a skier."
(Shirley - upset). "You shouldn't ski in the channel!"]

Sometimes the only thing better than hearing odd conversations while "feelin' the breeze" is spinning a Key Lime cone in my hand, not letting one golden drop of ice cream hit my motorcycle boots.

And remember when I said...

"I sold my house well over a year ago,
Bought a weathered boat at the ocean's edge.
And I'm not tied to life on the land anymore,
And it's another good day on the north shore."

"I'm down to four shirts, one hat, a pair of shorts,
Breakfast is coffee and a wide view from my deck.
Life aboard Dream Catcher is a quiet, never lonely affair
And I keep busy, productive, by turning 'found objects'
into personal history, all for sale at low prices."

Where the land and sky meet the sea.

'Dream Catcher' is a dream. "A wide view from my deck" is too, but I can see it every time I hit the north shore.

"A life with small pleasures close at hand - the north shore -
Is warmer than possessions, more savoury than store bought."

"With sandals in my hand, the hot sand quickens my pace,
To seek relief in cool waves, wash road dust from my face.
Brown to light blue to turquoise to the horizon, all colours
Blend to one as I sink below the surface of an ancient ocean.

We were born to walk, run, throw, catch, float and swim.
To sail upon or slip under the waves feels like breathing."

"I feel like an ice cream."

News at 11.

Reporting from the north shore!

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Canada's Wonderland July 2019.

No Giant Roller Coaster for This Boy!

A brave diver stands at the top of the falls.

My son, twin grand-daughters and I spend a full, sunny, fun-filled day at Canada's Wonderland last week. I survived to tell the tale.

The twins are age nine so I wasn't expecting to go aboard some of the park's largest roller coasters during the 10-hour adventure. We didn't, and I think that's one of the main reasons I survived the experience.

Plus, we parked ourselves on a grass-covered slope near a giant wading pool during the hottest part of the day, another very smart move. Got a good tan, flew down exciting water-slides, splashed in the pool with hundreds of other people, had a grand time all in all.

Fifty steps from the waves and a refreshing dip.

Photos From Along the Way:

 Good view from Novotel. A new brewery taproom is next door! Sweet!

 The weather was on our side.

 One diver is just entering the water!

The fun is about to begin. "Flip the switch. I'm ready!!"

Bumper cars. I like them. Freedom to race and surprise people with my advanced driving skills.

My camera files also contain a few shots from a nice walk-about back in Lindsay, my son's current address.

So, a good time was had by all. I experienced some of the same rides with my grand-daughters that my two sons and I had enjoyed 35 years ago at our first visit to Canada's Wonderland. I stretched my legs with good walks in Lindsay and had a safe motorcycle ride home to London a few days ago.

I recommend the Novotel Hotel (near Jane St. North) in Toronto, and Lake Wilcox Taproom right next door. The dubbel was a real treat!

"Got some sun, too. My nose now matches my shirt!"

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