Monday, November 19, 2018

First World Problems (1).

The House Isn't on Fire!!

[Photo: Where there's smoke, there might be burnt raisins]

For those keeping track of first world problems, allow me to add one more.

The fire alarm in our kitchen frequently goes off - scaring the socks off me! - while I'm standing over the toaster... waiting, waiting. And after getting my wits (and socks) back I grab a towel and wave it frantically back and forth under the blasted alarm before a host of firemen come stormin' through the front door.

I can hear them say, "Toast! We drove across town because of toast? Now, get out there on the front lawn in your pajamas. That oughtta teach ya!"

But it wasn't my toast that set things off this morning, it was burnt raisins - from my wife's raisin and walnut buns. A wee pile of them had fallen to the bottom of the toaster over the last few weeks, along with what looks like croutons and granola. 

While the alarm wailed I flapped my towel and realized it's high time I clean out the tray under the toaster. And while doing so I thought, first world problem. 

How often do fire alarms - set off by toaster or toaster-oven residue - result in house calls? I bet it's a stat, a 'thing', a thing of frustration. 

I think it should be on the list.
I could throw the stuff onto my driveway. Good traction!

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