Saturday, June 29, 2019

Motorcycle Miles 2019 (2)

Prose From the North Shore

Where the land and sky meet the sea,
That's where you will find me.


Question: Is Port Bruce the place where land, sky and sea meet in perfect harmony?

Answer: It is one of the places where natural peace and harmony occur, surely not the only place. But it works for me.

The small port is 58 km. from my front porch. It's off the beaten track, the beach is gravelly, so it is not a hangout for 1000's at a time.

The Corner View diner makes a great BLT, a decent cup of coffee and usually advertises Key Lime ice cream on its shingle. What more can I ask for on a sunny day?

Bob Dylan never discovered Port Bruce, never wrote a long and rambling tune about the place, but I find - thanks in part to the rhythmic hum of my motorcycle's engine - song verses spring to mind as I exit Sparta (still several kms from the port) or as I begin to gear down while approaching my first good view of The Bruce. 

Where three natural elements - vividly coloured - present themselves in some sort of powerful, lasting unity, that's where I feel at home. But actually making it home would be another long story, rife with tough decisions. Where's Bob Dylan when I need him?

(Pat doesn't want to leave Old South. And we can't have homes in both places. So, I catch my dream between my fingers on a regular basis but can't keep it for more than a few hours at a time. However, I've been good with that for many years and I won't make waves.)

"I'm down to four shirts, one hat, a pair of shorts,
Breakfast is coffee and a wide view from my deck.
Life aboard Dream Catcher is a quiet, never lonely affair
And I keep busy, productive, by turning 'found objects'
into personal history, all for sale at low prices."

Could my bike be a down payment on Dream Catcher?

Tune in on Sunday.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Motorcycle Miles 2019.

Another Good Day on the North Shore.

Where the sky meets the sea,
That's where you'll find me.

The Virago started right up.

"Both of us want to get going," I said to my wife, who was ready to wave 'so long, senor' from our porch.

Port Bruce was packed to the gunnels when I entered by way of the lakeside road. Sailboats, kayaks and more glided upon the waters of Erie's north shore.

The smell of French Fries, malt vinegar and cheese burgers greeted me as I parked opposite The Sand Castle diner.

"I sold my house well over a year ago,
Bought a weathered boat at the ocean's edge.
And I'm not tied to life on the land anymore,
And it's another good day on the north shore."

I trained the camera lens on a single sailboat and hummed the opening stanza of a song that quickly sorted itself out under my baseball cap.

Move over, Bob Dylan.

The next verse to follow.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Family Photos 2019.

A Walk-About in Hamilton, aka Beer Tour.

["A Time to Reflect"]

My two sons and I are making an effort to get together on occasion to indulge in one of our several favourite hobbies, i.e., taking beer tours in not-so-far-away places.

Last November we visited Toronto for a long weekend (including my grandson Jack in the operation) and walked to a goodly, refreshing number of well-known and up-and-coming breweries. And two months ago sons David, Paul and I visited Hamilton for a lovely walk-about that included stops at excellent brew pubs and restaurants... and more.

There are more details about our travels than I could add here in a week. So, below, I will drop in a few of my favourite photos from Hamilton with illuminating captions under the heading "You Really Should Go and Test the Waters!":

"You Really Should Go and Test the Waters! (and New Beers)"

Paul (left) and Gord outside Collective Arts Brewery

David (left) and Paul walking to Merit Brewery on St. James North.

Inside Merit Brewery

We located "The Brain" on St. James, north of Merit Brewery.

Soon we were inside enjoying fine beer list.

"Noodle Me" and fine lunch is opposite Merit Brewery (mid-left)

Brux House was an easy walk from our accommodations.

Much to enjoy inside Collective Arts.

And more pints and samples to taste at Fairweathers,
one block from Grain and Grit.

Enjoying time with the boys?

Oh yeah! Cheers!!

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Fourth Ride 2019.

Port Bruce, Natch.

Photo Files related to Port Bruce grow deeper by the year. What is it about a certain place that causes photo records to pile up to the sky?

Could it be the sky itself? Or because a place where the land meets the sea (and where the sea meets the sky) is so bright and clear that I stop looking at my watch and become a patient observer of stark beauty? Or....?

Whatever the answer I am certain I will return another 1,000 times or more.

Could it be the BLT? The Key Lime ice cream?

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