Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fun Fotos: Time Flies.

Gotta Get Out the Calculator!

Two photos. Two different eras, for sure.

Pat and Gord, relaxing in their back yard before the 'garage reno'. I'm going to say the year was 1985 and I got the straw hat on sale.

Flash forward a lot of years. Too many to count.

I was enjoying a long walk in the spring or fall of 2018 when a young university student - new to London - asked me to take her picture.

"Sure," I said.

Seconds later I took a camera out of my pocket and said, "Mind taking mine?"

How could she refuse : )

33 years. Flew the coop!!

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Photo Study: Local Graffiti... Artists?

While Walkn Here and There.

Walkn on the Moon

Walkn To the Closet

Most people would agree that we are born to walk. 

And now a lot of people walk here, there and everywhere with a camera on their person. 

Lately, I've notice there a few people out there who draw recognizable figures or objects on walls, fences, bridge supports, etc. When something catches my eye I'll often snap a photo. 

I'm going to try to find an even dozen of items and display them here.

The first two are by .SM. 

I call the next piece of graffiti "Bad Spelling With Olde English Font":

As found under CN tracks on Wortley Road, north

More will be added as found.

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Wise Words.

How Much Wood?

Can you trust what they say?

During my long walk on Wednesday I spotted a ground hog or wood chuck beside the TVP (Thames Valley Parkway*).

I said, "When's Spring coming?"

"'Bout 3 pm on Thursday," it said.

Happy with that, I snapped a few photos ("Are you the same as a wart hog?" I asked. It turned away. I took it as a 'no').

I then walked a few more metres to the '4.5 Km. marker', did my turn-around and headed back home, past the ground hog one more time.

"Are you related to the wart hog?"

Stone cold silence.

The following photos are from my Thursday walk. I headed north on the TVP toward the university and after my turn around I headed back home and approached Wortley Village at 3 pm.

1:15 PM - Magnolia Blossoms On A Gray Day

2:05 PM - I Walk Under The UWO Bridge. I Soon Turn Around At '4 KM marker'

3:05 PM - Sun Shines, Temperatures Rise, Magnolias Bloom. That's One Smart Hog!

At 3 pm I began the last half mile of my walk.

I passed the western entrance to Thames Park, and soon saw Wortley Village ahead. The clouds parted, the sun lit my path, the temperature rose and by the time I got to Craig/Askin and Wortley I had opened my jacket.

I recalled the words of the groundhog. (Not to be confused with a wart hog).

Spring was in the air and I heard an unmistakable sound after a nearby dog barked and robin sang.... winter's back was breaking. I'm pretty sure I heard the final crack.

Oh, It might give one more toss of its hand in parting, but it's already out the door. The above photo (taken at 3:05 pm) reveals the magnolia tree at Askin/Wortley, in front of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon's real estate office.

More Photos from Along the Way:

"Not a wart hog"

Final Thots:

*the TVP is a multi-purpose path, and its many users include walkers, runners, cyclists, parents with children on small bikes or in strollers, couples holding hands, roller bladers, dog walkers (with one, two, three, four, five or more animals), skate boarders on manually- or battery-powered skateboards, bird watchers, photographers, the occasional ham-headed dork on an electric scooter, etc.

The TVP winds its way beside the Thames in several directions all at once and on the weekend it is a very busy place because it is not always wide enough to accommodate, for example, a cyclist zipping - oft-times much too quickly - past a group of pedestrians who are walking shoulder to shoulder and hogging all the space while a pair of speedy runners are making their way around a family that includes a slow-moving oldster and three kids on bikes or in strollers and a dog on a long leash - all coming from the opposite direction.

The TVP can be scary and entertaining and colourful and present lovely, photographic scenes around just about every corner just about every day. And that's where you'll find me 6 - 7 afternoons per week because it's so much cheaper, and a heck of a lot more fun, than Cable TV.

The TVP. "Get Fit and Be Entertained, All at The Same Time." That's my motto.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Fun Fotos: From the Deep Past

Brighten Up Your Life

Early 1970s. Four pounds of hair.

First. I was about 22. Almost 50 years ago.

Second. Long hair was a thing, but I didn't do it well. 

Third. I could do thick hair. I could do heavy hair.

Help Wanted. I think that Pat and I drove west from London that day but I have no idea where we are. Sauble River? Maybe. Help!

Fun w Features:

The following photo is about 35 years old, so Pat and I are in our mid-30s. Pat's mother Betty, father Robert, and brother Dan came to visit and all wondered why I took off the old garage door. I don't think I had everything worked out yet.

I played with several features on my iMac to get the above results.

As well, about the garage door: I eventually lugged it out front to the curb, leaned it against a telephone pole and it was gone the next day.

Everything I drag to the curb disappears quickly.

Next week - 40-year-old golf clubs. They'll be gone within the hour.

Please link to Photo Study: Gateways to Greenway Park

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