Wednesday, April 24, 2013

come to papa (2)

A few days ago, it was a child-size bed on a curb near my house that prompted me to say, "I like free lumber. Stop the car."

I looked it over and quickly returned home for Allen keys, in order to disassemble the bed. Soon the wood was parked in my workshop.

["Parked inside the shop"]

And yesterday I disassembled the bed further and parked it outside the workshop door, right next to the table saw.

It didn't take much effort to turn the honey-stained fir slats into logs for log cabin birdhouses, and slats for roof-tops for those birdhouses.

["Behind the clean fir slats stand 24 honey stained strips for logs"]

I don't think it will be long before I can show you at least three lovely houses freshly made from rescued lumber.

Lumber found at the curb is one reason the shop is such a lively place during the week.

Photos by GH


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