Monday, October 24, 2016

Motorcycle Miles - Middletown Road, Oct. 23.

On My Way Home

Burgessville is behind me on Middletown Rd.,
as I approach Quaker St.

I stopped for photos on Middletown Road yesterday, two miles south of Burgessville, and realized I was about halfway between my two childhood hometowns. Burgessville was home for my first six years and Norwich was next. Both are in pretty parts of the world, i.e., Oxford County south of Woodstock, and I feel I don't return often enough to visit familiar country roads or village streets.

 Sweaburg Road, east of Highway 19, south of Ingersoll and 401

 Middletown Line

 One birdhouse of several - same style (Peterson's?) - on Sweaburg Road

The sun popped out again on Foldens Line, south of Folden Corners  

 Quaker Street is up ahead

Motorcycle miles on the 1994 Yamaha Virago

Good roads, good people.

Please link to Motorcycle Miles - Sweaburg Road, Oct. 19 (1).

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