Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gord's Odd Photographs (2).

If I had a Million Dollars

I'd buy this barn.

Yesterday I wrote the following about this lovely, lovely white barn on Glencolin Line (a few miles NW of Aylmer):

If I had a million dollars I'd buy this barn.
"Gord's Oddities - Antiques, Art, and One Old Radio"

People who don't know me won't catch the drift. I have shop-keepers in my family tree. I suppose that if I bought this barn I could run an antique store and sell oddities along with my art work, birdhouses and Rietveld furniture. A radio would be playing at all times and I'd have a beer fridge out back for special guests. Life would be grand.

I could walk to the rail bridge on Hekkla Road to get my exercise.

What a lovely, lovely art studio/workshop/store
"Gord's Oddities - Reasonable Prices"

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