Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Transition Zone Squared (10).

Another Good Week in the Books.

Photo: Trudging along near Blackfriars.

I walked every day last week for a total of 26.5 miles. Not bad for a geezer, some will say.

This week I may include bicycling (on board a recumbent exercise bike) more than once in my routine because I have a thick book I want to finish by New Years, and "readn and ridn" go hand in hand.

By the Numbers:

When I cycle, I count 20 min. as one mile. 90 min. = good readn time. 

Can I walk two more marathons in a row?

 My 10-week average is right around marathon distance!
I am an ancient marathoner after all!

Can you spot my last vacation?

Photos From Along the Way:

A new year is approaching. Will I maintain my average pace and cover 1,200 miles in 2017?

We shall see what we shall see.

Please link to Transition Zone Squared (9).

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