Friday, August 18, 2017

One Short Break.

Special Delivery.

I occasionally celebrate Happy Hour in the workshop at 5 PM.

Yesterday I was knee deep in little libraries, the last birdhouse of 2017 (maybe) and sanding raw lumber when I received a special delivery from my older son David via my younger son Paul. The news came via my wife Pat. (Yup, the whole family was involved in this lovely moment.)

"Paul dropped off something from David. It's in your study."

I blinked.

Then the penny dropped. I checked the clock. 5:25. It's still Happy Hour.

I knew the delivery was a special order I'd made so I hustled inside and soon returned with one bottle of elderberry beer.

Happy Happy Hours are my favourite times of the day.


Please link to GH Model - Western "Red" Cedar.

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G. Harrison said...

Some members of the Harrison family are especially fond of tart elderberries. In my case, they kinda match my nature and personality. : )