Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hold Steady 13.

Sticking to Fundamentals.

[Photo: Big wave - January's mild weather permitted easy walkn]

I wanted to complete more runs during the winter but bad footing made me think otherwise.

You could fall and hurt yourself, I thought to myself.

You could put yourself out of commission for a long time, and for what?

You could fall in front of a snowplow and nobody would find you until April. You want that?

So.... I ran twice when the sidewalks and paths were clear in January and decided that I will make very good progress, running-wise, when the snow and ice are gone. As long as I stick to certain fundamentals - good monthly mileage, stay injury-free, stretch, do some strength training - I will be able to prepare for a 10-kilometre-run early in the year, smooth and steady-like.

Photos from along the way:

 A Shriner left footprints in the snow!

 Confusing weather in January. Ice, snow and grass.

 Fundamental No. 1: Steady mileage in January

 10-week Average is on the rise

 Good run last Sunday, followed by steady walkn.

 Situps, pushups, some strength training - becoming a good habit and...

 ...svelteness is surely just around the corner!

Please link to Hold Steady 12.

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