Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Motorcycle Miles: Welcome to the Pier. (1)

Destination - Port Bruce, Malahide Township.

 [Photo: My parking spot was empty but the cafe was closed]

All turned out well yesterday on my first ride of 2018 to Port Bruce, my Number 1 pit stop. Not much traffic on the roads and I had a full thermos of coffee.

Found my favourite log on the beach easily. Breeze was warm, Burwell's turbines were turning. Only a few beachcombers with their baskets and bags, and the world seemed still.

Photos from along the way:

WARNING: "Keep Off Ice and Pier!"

However, conditions were not unsafe, so... welcome to the pier.

The view from the end of the pier - just about perfect.

"and the world seemed still"

The chairs are out. I bet the Corner View will be open next weekend.
So, I call this photograph "Be There, Be Square." : )

 Looking south toward Erie's north shore.

Turn left at the bottom of the hill, go east to Sparta

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