Monday, May 7, 2018

Run Prep 4.

The Determined Runner.

[Photo: Light at the end of the pier in Port Bruce]

Once temperatures grew warmer and streets clearer at end of April, I got back to 2 - 3 runs per week - on my way to preparing for a summer 10K and fall 21.1K (half-marathon) running event, 2018.

During the month of May I will surely experience slow and steady improvements in six areas as the result of regular exercise (walking, running and my F.I.T. routine), all within my limits:

Steady results will follow steady walking and running.  

Improved stamina, strength, speed, stride efficiency, sense of satisfaction and sveltness.

Already I am running farther between 'walk breaks', and recovering faster (re regular heart-rate and breath-rate) during walk breaks*. (Sveltness may take quite a bit longer to achieve).

 I calculate a "ten-week average" at the end of every week. Steady!

 1,500 push-ups and sit-ups by the end of the week : )

Speaking of breaks: I take Port Bruce breaks regularly too.

*Walk breaks last for about 60 - 90 seconds and I take breaks when I want to or feel the need. They will decrease in length and frequency as my running legs get stronger in May.

More to follow re The GREAT Canadian Comeback, already 2 years and 7 months long!

Photos by GH.

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