Monday, July 9, 2018

Motorcycle Miles 6: Birds and Boats in Port Burwell.

Mostly Boats (Some in BW)

Purple Martin shares a large house with sparrows near the beach

Port Burwell (south of Tillsonburg) is home to active Purple Martin houses, a lovely beach, a few picnic tables under shade trees, a lovely long pier, a Chip Wagon with decent chips, and a very rare Red and White Grocery Store that sells ice cream cones at a very reasonable price. 

Getting there is half the fun if you go via the Nova Scotia Line via Copenhagen, south of Aylmer. If you're on a motorcycle like me, DON'T go via 19 south of T'burg because Vienna's main drag, including the long downhill on north side, is all gravel and chewed up. I was not amused!!

Thank goodness then for the birds, boats and good views! Plus, the ride home, partly on Nova Scotia and Springfield Line, was A1. Good roads, good views.

Photos from along the way:

 The Martin looks out to sea.

 A calm day on the waters

 The birth of a 'fish story'

PS The Hayhoe hop farm south of Mount Salem (on Elgin Rd. 40) is really doing well. Much bigger than Gord's Hop Farm : )

Please link to Motorcycle Miles 5: Many Boats Afloat

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