Thursday, May 2, 2024

Videos: More Turtle Tours, 2024 (9 and 10)!!

Video 9 - "Snappers and a Red-Eared Slider"

Video 10 - "Turtles Come in SIZE LARGE"

Large snappers are coming and going in the Thames River, London


My YouTube channel is growing every month and I think it's related to the warming weather or climate. Turtles are cold-blooded and love to bask on large rocks near their home whether it be a stream, river or pond. And we have all of those settings (good turtle habitat) in London ONT. 

In this city I also enjoy excellent walking trails, e.g., the Thames Valley parkway (TVP) and during several weekly walks I am able to spot turtles without leaving the trail adjacent to 'The Mighty Thames'. (Though, I often do leave the trail to try to get closer to turtles before they hear or see me, which is almost impossible). 

Visible from a worn trail 25m from the TVP

Please click here to view "More Turtle Tours, 2024 (9)" on YouTube

And please click here to view "More Turtle Tours, 2024 (10)" on YouTube

So big it broke the diving board? Could be!

Still into Turtles? Wow! Please click here to view "More Turtle Tours, 2024 (8)".

Temperatures are rising, numbers of sightings are too, so, more tours will follow.

Please click here to read more about invasive species like the Red-Eared slider.

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