Saturday, January 11, 2014

It Strikes Me Funny: "sunflower seeds disappear quickly"

Squirrels love them. Cardinals and jays eat them by the pound. However, though sunflower seeds disappear quickly at my bird feeder, their cost is returned several times over while I watch critters at work and play.

For example, yesterday I received quite the payback. While shovelling snow near the bird feeder I discovered evidence that a wee tunnelling creature was robbing me blind. Blind I tell you!

["Who is tunnelling? A mouse, mole or chipmunk?"]

["Out of curiosity I moved the walkway. Behold, a mighty cache!"]

What did I do? I didn't touch a thing. I set the wooden walkway back in place and will now have a bit of fun trying to figure out who is hiding a goodly supply of sunflower seeds under the snow.

Photos by GH

Q: What is doing this? Any ideas?

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