Sunday, February 1, 2015

Scotland 2014 Photos: Afternoon Walk in Glasgow

A Sterling Walk-about

["Route to bookstores is along the lovely Kelvin River walk"]

Before noon I climbed a stairway leading from the Kelvin River walkway and headed toward Glasgow University district. I had bookstores, lunch and music on my mind. Found all three easily thanks to my host's map. During lunch I sang along to classic '60's rock and nobody seemed to mind.

 ["Up I go to find two classy bookstores"]

 ["Found the first one with relative ease"]

 ["University Avenue is a beauty of a route to a lunch stop"]

 ["A fellow pedestrian offered to snap this photo at Glasgow Univ."]

 ["Lunch time!"]

 ["Sun peeks out on occasion as I head back toward home"]

 ["How hard was it to find the craft beer pub under the Kelvin Bridge?"]

["Not hard at all. 'Awesome?' Yup, awesome."]

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sarala said...

That looks like a great day. I'd love to visit that bookstore and Glasgow in general. A few years back I made it to Edinburgh and it whetted my appetite for a return to Scotland.

G. Harrison said...

Hi Sarala. Glasgow is a very friendly city and the bookstore (on a short lane just off Otago St.) is only a 10 minute walk to The Ubiquitous Chip. Another bookstore is just north on Otago, also on a short lane to the right. Map of area is available if desired.