Monday, February 2, 2015

Scotland 2014 Photos: Evening Walk in Glasgow

End of Day

["Armed with souvenirs, looking for my corner"]

One could say I had three separate walk-abouts during my last full day in Scotland in October. I started out early upon wet sidewalks, continued after a lunch full of song and good pizza, then rolled along until I reached my Glasgow apartment ready for a good snooze.

 ["Nearing the end of day in Glasgow"]

 ["Tourists are turning in at The Clifton Hotel"]

 ["Folks in for the night are eating supper and watching the tellie"]

 ["I'm not lost. My corner is just up ahead"]

 ["One last look back downtown before searching for my door key"]

 ["Wrong door. I live just to the left"]

 ["I'm in, the door is locked. Now I go upstairs to bed"]

 ["Flying over Toronto, looking for a good parking spot"]

["This is the last of approx. 1,843 'Scotland 2014' photos"]

Last day of my trip was marked by an early morning taxi ride followed by an uneventful ride home by air to Toronto (w KLM), and another by road to London (w Robert Q), followed by another good snooze. Unfortunately, my snooze ended at 2 A.M. and my routine only got back to normal one week later. I'm not complaining, and plans are already in the works for a return trip to Scotland in September.

Aye! More information about Dad's WW2 Navy days will surely be uncovered in the fall. Stay tuned.

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