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Video: FAINT FOOTSTEPS, World War II, Part 7

 A Story Written by Doug Harrison. RCNVR, Combined Ops

"We Chattered All the Way Home"

The story as found in Doug's hometown paper, The Norwich Gazette
Photo - Taken in 1944, by The Brantford Expositor


My father Dough Harrison wrote many stories for his hometown newspaper and many will be found on this website. The following story provides a few details about his time in Irvine, Scotland in spring - summer, 1942, as he and 100 other Canadian sailors trained aboard various landing crafts for an upcoming operation. Unbeknownst to the sailors, their first action would be the Dieppe Raid, August 19, of the same year.

While Commander Mountbatten (right) watches Allied troops train, sailors on
various landing crafts learn their ropes as well. Photo - Imperial War Museum

Video: "We Chattered All the Way Home"

Length of video - 4min:48sec.

The above video and others in the series can be viewed on YouTube as well.

The young women my father met were members of the Cricksmere family and their home (now demolished to make way for present-day developments) was listed as 22 Waterside. My parents visited one of the girls (married to Mr. Pike) in 1986. My younger brother, Kim Douglas Harrison, also visited the family in the 1990s. 

More videos to follow as time allows.

Landing crafts parked along Irvine's low channel wall during WWII
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Please link to Video: FAINT FOOTSTEPS WWII, Part 6

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