Friday, October 29, 2010

The Maple Leafs: That was then, this is now

It feels like years ago - but it was only last Wednesday - that the Leafs sat atop the Eastern standings in the NH of L.

[“That was then - on Wednesday”: snaps GH]

But now they’re mired in the middle of the pack of teams seemingly destined for the playoffs. (Sure, it’s early yet, but it’s fun to speak in rhetorical terms on occasion. On occasion).

And Boston, who was out of the playoff hunt last Wednesday, is now breathing down Leaf necks.

[“And this is now. Boston breathes heavy”]

Boston has one heck of a goalie in that Thomas kid, eh? But enough about that.

[“Close up action shots courtesy of the NH of L”]

NYR is in Toronto on Saturday night, they don’t have Boston’s goaltending, so...

So, the Leafs should get a win and get back to the top. Or else Sunday will be a long and dreary day.

Go Leafs.


Oh, those darn Maple Leafs,
always giving fans griefs.
And griefs has to be plural.
Fans are both urban and rural.


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