Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zoom w a View: American Express, toothbrush, lederhosen, camera...

That’s right, I never leave home without my camera.

["I almost had the street to myself": photos by GH]

You may be surprised about the lederhosen but there’s a group of us guys who like to... never mind. If you don’t square dance, you wouldn’t be interested.

While walking back home - slowly, enjoying the view - from a coffee shop in Wortley Village I noticed that the leaves were starting to fall. (Years ago, someone else noticed the same thing and changed the name of the current season from Autumn to Fall).

Except for the other guy (see first photo), I had the street of myself.

I pulled the camera from the back pocket of my lederhosen.


Surprised about the lederhosen?

I bought a used pair at Value Village because the back pocket was big enough for a camera, comb and travel mug.

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