Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Maple Leafs: What a difference a day makes

It was a long, long weekend.

Toronto sank like a stone in the standings while 6 other teams - and nagging fans - wagged their fingers.

My team was only a centimeter away from the dreaded “you’re out of the playoffs, sucka” line.

["Standing tall! Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Toronto Maple Leafs": snap GH]

However - toooot - The Leafs beat FLA last night, 3 - 1, and again sit atop the Eastern Conference in the NHL.

I think they showed a bit more intensity.

Orr’s goal should have been disallowed, I give you that. But did you see Kessel, at the end of a long shift, deke around the FLA defense and bury a slick wrist shot for goal number 3?

A lovely sight it was.

Boston visits on Thursday. Toooot!


It ain’t easy being a Leafs fan.

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