Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Pumpkin Carving Contest

My wife set the rules.

She chose the white pumpkin and the sharp knife.

I selected the orange one that was leftover and went to my tool shed.

She had art work to guide her.

I had an old screw driver.

["I came in second and am still in the doghouse": snaps GH]

My wife won the pumpkin carving contest and picked a large Crispy Crunch chocolate bar as her prize.

I was runner up, got a crumpled bag of chips (she sat on them; I think it was on purpose) but now live with the knowledge that I can do a lot more with a screw driver than loosen the screws on my wife's favourite chair.

Gotta run.


I could use a second Screw Driver right about now.


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