Friday, October 29, 2010

The Workshop: Rustic tri-plex from rescued cedar

Two months ago a pal dropped off 1-inch thick cedar after taking an old deck apart.

["The free lumber stacked up nicely in my garden": snaps GH]

I inspected each board and...

...found no nails.

["I made at least a dozen Peterson-style houses"]

I also found only a small amount of rot. Wait for it... less than 5 per cent!

Later, I stacked the load of 40 - 50 boards on saw horses in the garden next to my tomatoes and gourds.

A little later still, I made several Peterson-style birdhouses and a table for the yard.

Yesterday I started assembling the first of 5 new, large birdhouses, i.e., tri-plexes, a four-plex and very rare six-plex.

["It needs trim - but that's part of the fun"]

More fun ahead in the workshop.


After cutting the lumber on Wednesday I enjoyed a beautiful sunset.


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