Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mystery Solved: Under the spreading arms of a Tulip Tree

In an earlier post, entitled ‘Motorcycle Miles Pt 2: Under the spreading arms of a mystery tree’, I asked for a bit of help.

["One of my original images from Strathroy, Ont.": snaps GH]

I shared photos of a lovely tree and its unusual leaves and wondered if you could identify it for me.

(I thought it was some kind of maple; I was wrong and that really doesn’t happen very often. And if you believe that, then you’re a new reader, right?)

["Image from"]

Liz, a reader, asked, “Is it a tulip tree?”

After hours of research (and if you believe that... ) I do conclude it is a Tulip Tree aka Yellow Poplar.

Link to Old Dominion Wildlife, an informative site, and learn more about the tree from a naturalist’s point of view.

Thanks to Liz a mystery is solved.


Unfortunately, Liz, I ran out of prizes a few years ago.

But world-wide fame is almost assured.



Liz said...

Oh, thank you, thank you.

*bows to Gord's world-wide fans"

G. Harrison said...

again, well done, Liz.

I bet my faithful reader from Mountain View, California will thank you.