Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Workshop: “Once I nail it together...

I can’t take it apart.”

I said that to myself before doing something quirky to one of the birdhouses made from rustic cedar.

The tri-plex is standard issue. No quirkiness there.

The four-plex is also standard issue.

However, with the six-plex, my first ever, I decided to build three houses facing one way and three facing the other.


In case birds come from north and south or east and west at the same time? In case new tenants want a bit of space from each other, a bit of peace and quiet whilst coming and going with luggage?

["I'll attach trim and think about the 6-plex again": snaps GH]

I don’t know how the idea will work out but I do know other houses I’ve seen are built the same way.

I’ll think more about my decision after the trim is attached.


Please click here to see the birdhouses at an earlier stage.

I.e., before the quirky thought entered my little round head.


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