Monday, November 5, 2012

Morning Walk 1: “It was such a lovely day”

I savour several things deeply. A good sandwich. (I can still vividly recall many details about a roast beef sandwich I ate in Bermuda. It cost 50 cents. A friend and I had raced inside a small diner to escape a sudden hailstorm. The beef was thinly sliced but perfect.) A cold glass of beer. A morning walk. A swell conversation.

[“Rose of Sharon from our front garden. Lovely.”]

Sometimes I’ll find an old photo file (e.g., July 17, 2010) and, while savouring it, be transported back in time. Old feelings become fresh.

[“Some guy on a bike. Ride on, Dude.”]

[“The tower atop Old South’s historic Normal School”]

Gotta go. It’s time for my walk.

[Photos by GH]


Do you walk regularly in the morning?

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