Monday, November 19, 2012

Rare Family Photos: Spotlight on Tidey St., Norwich

Several years ago an uncle took a photo of a photo and caught quite a bit of glare. So, when I took a photo of his photo last Friday - a very sunny day - I only added to the problem.

Still, it is the first photo I've seen of my Grandmother Ida Belle Catton’s house sitting under the Norwich water tower. It is also the first time I viewed a photo capturing not only the full front porch of Ida's house but the back-side porch as well.

Uncle Fred Catton knows his childhood home still stands but admits “too many changes have been made” and they don’t sit right with him.

I notice other things too. The bell tower (lower left) is a mystery to me. Is it part of the 'vinegar works'?

And who are the three fellows standing upon wooden slats directly under the water reservoir? The Flying Melendez Brothers?

Photo by GH


Vinegar works? Let me know.

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