Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rare Family Photos: “Arthur’s stylish pants”

Somewhere in my mother’s possessions the original photo will be found. I only have a copy from a column my mother wrote for the Norwich Gazette about 20 years ago, but still I love it.

The photo is of my great-uncle Arthur Catton leaning against a fence that surrounds his prodigious garden. The story remarks about his generosity, how he took kind offerings of fresh food to a relative who lived nearby, in Norwich.

The relative was my grandmother, Ida Belle Catton, and she had at least three children still living at home under her sole care. The children (Edith, Laverne and Arthur) appear below.

I see myself in the photo of my great-uncle. My posture is the same (I often lean upon one leg) and, though the photo is of poor quality, I think our face is the same shape and our moustaches are a match. (However, I’m no gardener).

As well, I’m pretty sure I have a similar pair of pants in my closet. Stylish boys we are.

[Photos by GH]


How do you like those pants?

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