Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Motorcycle Miles - Mont Tremblant

Foggy Fields

As some readers may know, I accompanied a bicycle team to Mont Tremblant in late August, much to the delight of my older son who was riding w the team. : )

Though I have already displayed several photos under a 'Team Steffie' heading, today I found my last four photos related to that trip. As I left Mont Tremblant on Sunday, August 23, I encountered fog, and though initially nervous about having to motorcycle 100 km. to Montebello in poor visibility, all turned out well after about ten minutes of travel.

 Cool morning temperatures were noticeable all the way to the Ottawa River, but once outside Montebello I stopped to put away my wind jacket and pants. The rest of the ride to Lindsay was perfect.

Good views on the Trent-Severn (near Lindsay), 
including on a foggy morning

Link to more Team Steffie photos

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