Thursday, September 17, 2015

Long Point - Evocative, Exotic 1

Lovely Spot in Ontario

"I stop at the bridge outside Long Point, on southern tip of Hwy 59"

Yesterday morning, as I looked into the sky - and assessed the day's weather conditions - from my front porch, in pajamas, with coffee in hand, one over-powering thought came to mind. Motorcycle weather.

So, knowing it was late in the riding season and days like yesterday won't come along too often before cool weather prevails, I grabbed a shower and warmed up the bike. Ninety minutes later I entered Long Point, Ontario, 112 km. from my front door.

 "Rent canoes 'At the Bridge', one mile north of The Causeway Restaurant"

 "I look north on Hwy 59. Norwich, my hometown, is 60 km. away"

 "I look west toward an exceptional wildlife environment"

 "East from the bridge is Long Point Bay, home to some fine fishin'"

 "Three short lanes run east off of 59, links to well-cared-for homes/cottages"

"These waterside boathouses/cottages are rare sights"

When in Long Point I recall times from the 1960s. I loved the beaches, The Causeway, and the Highland Dance Hall when a teenager. Now I think of the southernmost point on Highway 59 as an exotic location, not just full of fine memories but a place of rare natural beauty.

Take 401 to Woodstock and Hwy 59. Go south to the finest beaches and environmental areas in Ontario.

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