Sunday, October 25, 2015

PEI 2015 - Yippee! Road Trip 3

Driving and Walking

"Everything in the mirror is smaller than New Brunswick"

Undoubtedly, I did more driving than walking during a recent trip to PEI. The camera came in handy during long stretches on the highway (approx. 1,000 km. per day for four of the eight-day-long trip) and while wandering around Lannie (my sister) and Jim's homestead south of Montague, PEI's 2nd largest city, I believe,

 "Lannie and Jim live at the cozy Cranberry Cottage"

 "Old outhouse speaks of a forgotten time"

 "I check out the outdoor plumbing"

 "Lannie and Jane"

"Warm leggings on the llamas that live just down the road"

Link to Road Trip 2

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