Thursday, February 25, 2016

Carry On Gang 24, "As Far, As Fast"

Not Giving Up Just 'Cause It's Cold

"I had an extra long walk on Monday, to make up for one I missed"

Regularly, I go as far and as fast as my little legs will take me, i.e., about four miles at a 'Steady Eddie' pace. If the temperature is low, if snow is blowing, I just add layers of clothes, including my Fruit of the Loom long johns.

My invigorating walk on Tuesday marked the 24th trek - out of 60 - in the 'Carry On Gang' set that should take me to the end of March, or thereabouts.

Photos from along the way:

"This Chevette (?) is parked at 247 Victoria St., as it was when Pat and I
lived at 245 Victoria (behind the cedar hedges) in 1975 - '78"

Link to Carry on Gang 21

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