Monday, February 8, 2016

Carry On Gang 9, "Long Walk a Beaut"

Saturday and Sunday - Smooth Sailing

"The warm weather may be spoiling us"

Don noticed a couple of walkers ahead of us on Saturday and one was noticeably smoother, possibly healthier, than the other. He said, "You can tell which one will live longer than the other." And, in my opinion, the winner appeared obvious.

Women in Canada, on average, live longer than men, and the husband and wife team ahead of us looked like an average couple to us. So, to the guys I say, get out there and walk a couple of miles everyday and add a couple of years (or more) to your lifespan.

My solo long walk on Sunday was a warm one when the sun peeked out from behind clouds. I felt I'd over-dressed until a breeze pick up and carried me home. I finished 8 miles in about 2HR:40MIN (average speed, 3 miles per hour), in Greenway and Springbank Parks. I don't know if people would say my walking style is smooth, but I'm pretty steady. Svelte is what I'm going for... by 2017!

Photos from along the way with rambling commentary:

 "Is the couple up ahead 'average'? Husband seemed in poor shape"

 "I would rather see some snow in February. Too much green!"

 "Lots of people in Greenway Park are using the dog park"

"On the way home I noticed I'd forgotten my granola bars! Hungry Man!"

Link to Carry on Gang 7, "Good Days on Tap"

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