Friday, May 13, 2016

Basic Cedar and Barnboard (3)

Visit 'The Workshop' (by G. Harrison) to see what I regularly build from new and/or rescued lumber. Oh yeh, lots of birdhouses.

A recent post follows:

The Group of Seven - Voila! Fini! 

"All set for a late May birdhouse sale"

I am travelling to the West Coast of Canada in a few days so I put this group of seven cedar birdhouses at the top of my to-do list for a few days.

On Monday I started to add trim, i.e., roof edge trim to each box, and prepped the perches.

And yesterday I finished them all off with solid perches, chimneys and hydro poles.

When I return from Vancouver Island I won't have to rush around to prepare for an upcoming sale, two days after I land back home.

"Voila, in black and white"

Please link to Basic Cedar and Barnboard 2

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