Monday, May 9, 2016

Steady as She Goes 1

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Easy Does It in May

"Almost at the halfway point of this first shuffling series"

The days in May have been a bit cool and breezy, making my walks and shuffling nice and easy. On Sunday, May 1, I shuffled along for 6 miles, feeling no pressure to go faster even though the engine was running smoothly. During the week that followed I added an extra mile over the minimum (min. = 4 miles) only on two occasions (two 5-milers) and balanced things off with an easy 2-miler on Saturday.

I will bear in mind in May the words 'easy does it' when I head out the door. The shuffling is progressing well, i.e., I feel stronger, smoother, and more efficient. My speed and stamina will develop as I go steadily along my way. I say, "What more can an old geezer ask for?"

"From May 1 - 7th I walked and shuffled 30 miles. That's plenty"

Special note:

New shoes were costly but I bet I'll cover 600 miles in them. Plus, they match my walking outfit! Colour co-ordination is all the rage, you know.

Photos from along the way:

 "I literally zipped past the 3-mile bridge yesterday : ) "

"Not hot enough for ice cream on the weekend"

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