Friday, May 13, 2016

Motorcycle Miles: Port Bruce, May 12, 2016

And Why Not?

"The medium-sized cement pier, Port Bruce"

It seems, by looking at my photo files, I visit Port Bruce - on Lake Erie's north shore, 60 km. from my driveway - many times each year. My motorcycle, a very clever 1994 1100cc Yamaha Virago, knows the way by itself.

I have visited Port Bruce since I was about 16 years old. It was once home to The King's Cupboard, The Mecca, The Beach Hut, a lift on steel rails that climbed a cliff to hill-top cottages, and a family I had a connection with via my part-time job at a Red and White Grocery store in Norwich, my hometown.

"My motorcycle.... knows the way by itself." (Across from Corner View Cafe)

Nothing remains of those connections today. The diners are gone or completely revamped (one is a cottage) and any reminders of the lift and steel rails are overgrown by brush and trees.

But certain things remain unchanged. The gravel beach, the medium-sized cement pier, the views south toward Cleveland, the oval roadway around a pavilion and small children's park. And the views. Did I mention the views?

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